They Are Stylin’! Some of Hollywood’s Best Celeb Hairstylists

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Celebrity clients: Martha Stewart, Cyndi Lauper, Javier Bardem, Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Sara Michelle Geller, Katie Couric, Ricky Martin, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Walken, Jo Dee Messina, Bonnie Hunt, Harrison Ford, Josh Hartnett, Ricky Martin, and Maria Conchita Alonso.
Magazines include: Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Modern Bride, Fitness, Shape, O: The Oprah Magazine, and many more.
Advertising campaigns such as: Levi Strauss, Cannon, Polaroid, Avon, Lady Footlocker, XoXo Clothing, and Martha Stewart. 
Cliché: What are the best must-haves at home regarding hair styling products or equipment?
Amanda Shackleton: Equipment is key to at-home styling. Don’t be cheap! This one isn’t worth saving a few bucks on. At minimum you need a high-powered pro dryer [at] 1800-2200 watts, which you can get for $100 and up. You also need a good curling iron that heats up to at least 400 degrees. It sounds crazy but you can alter the heat and it will ensure your curls are locked in all day. Product wise, [you need a] a good sulfate shampoo and conditioner. If you have the right one at a good quality, you’ll need fewer styling products.
What secret styling tips can you give that you do or use on your celebrity clients?
My biggest secret when doing celeb hair is work fast and smile. A lot of my higher-end clients are on time restrictions, so timing is key. If you are limited on time, spend the most on the roots and the ends of hair and use a thermal vented brush. If I don’t have time for a full blow out, I’ll spritz the roots and ends with water and blow out in small sections as normal.
Is anything trending in men’s or women’s hair styles for this holiday?
Short hair is super trendy. Just look at our celebs now—it seems every one is going short: Pamela Anderson, Kristin Chenoweth, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lawrence. They are leading everyday women to stop hiding behind their locks and show that short can be just as sexy as long.
Any stories about how a particular celebrity’s image was changed?
Cyndi Lauper—I worked with her quite a few times. I never knew what her hair was going to look like before I got there. Sometimes it was shorter, then the next time she would have waist-length extensions, red, pink, etc. Her look changed constantly. The biggest transformation for her was her sleek inverted bob (my fave to style). It was super flattering and age appropriate, but she threw in a little pink to make it her own.
Wigs… who wears them?
Who wears them? Well, so many people… they don’t have the stereotype they used to have and the quality is amazing nowadays. Lindsay Lohan wears her long platinum wig all the time. They’re fun and can help switch up your look from day to day. The queen of wigs, Miss Wendy Williams, really brought them out there to the general public.
If you were to do any celeb’s hair differently, who would it be?
Well that’s easy: Donald Trump. The only problem is he would never let you touch his hair, let alone restyle it! But I did get to put lots of bronzer on him!
If you could, what new hairstyle would you give these celebs to create a fresh new image?
Kim Kardashian—she’s known for her hair, but I think the long wavy look is getting tired now. She’s in a new stage of her life so why not a new hair cut? I think she’d look amazing with shoulder length hair styled with a loose vintage wave (like Elizabeth Taylor). To me, that’s glamour, and the look is timeless. Rachel Bilson. Rachel has such an angelic look about her. Her flawless skin and big brown eyes… she would look great in a short Audrey Hepburn style. It would take her from the girl next door to a style icon.
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