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Overview of October’s Birthstones Opal and Tourmaline

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For those born in October, you can choose between the birthstones opal and tourmaline. Because of its wide range of vivid hues, tourmaline has been a popular choice as the contemporary October birthstone. It is customary to give an opal to a person born in October. Each opal is special since it features a different pattern of colors.

5 Interesting Facts About the October Birthstones

Opal is a one-of-a-kind and widely appreciated gemstone that works wonderfully in jewelry and other decorative contexts. Did you know that an opal can reflect a rainbow of colors? Keep reading to learn five interesting and unusual things about this month’s birthstone, the opal. According to popular belief, opals are created when water becomes trapped inside a rock. Crystalline silica in the rock is washed away by the rain. After some time, the silica dries up.

The vast majority of the world’s supply of October birthstones is mined in Australia. Since 1875, Australia has been a major producer of opal The opal gemstone was thought to possess magical properties by both the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. Many ancient Greeks believed that opal had psi-enhancing properties. A famous gemstone in Ancient Rome, it was associated with optimism and love.

Opals contain a high concentration of silica spheres of varied sizes, which gives the stone its rainbow of hues. The stunning October birthstone displays its array of colors because light is refracted by the spheres. Another interesting fact is that they go with all your outfits and metal jewelry, pairing them with gold chains will give you a complete look.

1. Opal Vs Tourmaline: Which is the Birthstone for October?

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Both the opal and the pink tourmaline are beautiful choices as birthstones for October babies. The opal and tourmaline that are both associated with the month of October are multicolored stones that reflect a range of hues. Jewelry made with October birthstones stands out thanks to its vivid palette. Adapt any item to fit your unique taste and character. From pendants to earrings, there is a broad variety of jewelry that can be made with these rare jewels.

2. Is October Birthstone an Opal or a Pink Stone?

Actually, both are the birthstones for October. Although, the major birthstone, tourmaline, is unusual since it is one of the few stones that can be found in nearly every color. It’s true that certain pink tourmalines are as translucent as a diamond. However, opals stand apart from the others. Because opal is so rare and special, its patterns have their own special language. Unlike any other precious stone, every opal is completely unique. Opals, as the most fragile of the gemstones typically worn, are treated with extra tender loving care.

3. Can Two Different Gemstones Represent the Same Month?

In 1952, the National Association of Jewelers established a list of officially recognized gemstones to represent each month of the year. The style and availability of stones have evolved throughout the years, necessitating minor adjustments to the original formula. Many people questioned the opal’s durability and thought it looked too feminine, as was the case with October. The group ultimately settled on including tourmaline. Lately, opal and pink tourmaline have taken up the role of official October birthstones.

4. Do You Know the Meaning of the October Birthstone?

In Sanskrit, opal was termed Upala, a “precious stone;” in ancient Rome, this became opals. It is widely accepted that opal originated in India (the source of the first opals brought to the West), where it is now considered to be the traditional birthstone for October. Opals are highly sought after because of their “play-of-color,” or rainbow-like color changes.

The modern October birthstone is the tourmaline. Named after the Sinhalese term for “stone with various colors,” toramalli describes the often-separate hues that can be found inside a single crystal. When it comes to gemstones, few can compete with tourmaline’s rainbow of hues. This October birthstone contains a wide range of tones, which may have led ancient mystics to believe it might spark creative endeavors. 

5. What Are the Colors of the October Birthstone?

Watercolor Opal isolated on white background. Realistic illustration of gems drawn by handThe October birthstones of opal and tourmaline have become the de facto standard. Both opals and tourmalines are among the most stunning and non-traditional gemstones available.

Opal is unique among gemstones due to its kaleidoscope display of hues that change constantly. The subtle allure of a fine opal is difficult to put into words. Fireworks, jellyfish, galaxies, lightning, and volcanoes are just some of the analogies that have been made.

Tourmaline is the acknowledged color to represent October’s birthstone, but it actually comes in a range of colors, from pink (the traditional representation) to blue, high-end reds, and even greens, which can be found at any necklace shop.


Gemstones traditionally associated with birthdays have stood the test of time. They connect us to foundational aspects of culture, such as religious observance, and social norms. These concepts also fit today’s world. These unique gems have evolved over the years to mirror modern ideas and preferences. In this article, we’ll compare opal, the October birthstone, to its substitute, pink tourmaline.

The tradition of giving an opal to an October-born person as a birthstone goes back to at least the 15th century. However, in the early 1900s, tourmaline replaced opal as the official October birthstone. A birthstone of aquamarine had formerly been associated with March. The contemporary gemstone associated with March is aquamarine.

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