10 Sites to Sell Used Panties & Make Money

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Are you thinking of selling your used panties? Do you wonder if it’s a real thing online? How do you find a marketplace for it? Let us learn about the steamy details of an online marketplace that lets users buy and sell used panties. Some online sites are excellent for business startups as this lucrative side hustle helps people earn a decent income. So if you also want to generate money by selling used panties, let us look into the top ten sites for advertising and selling used panties. 

10 Best Sites for Selling Used Panties

Here are some of the best online marketplaces for selling your used panties, lingerie, and undergarments. 

Sofia Gray

Sofia Gray was launched in 2015. This platform is the largest and the most reliable marketplace for buying and selling used panties.

The site ensures buyer and seller anonymity. It also has strict terms and conditions, ensuring the safety and reliability of a purchase. In addition, the site only charges you a monthly hosting fee as you host your online store.

Active sellers can sell around ten used panties a month. The website has a straightforward user interface. You can simply visit the website, follow a few steps to make a profile, and start with the side hustle of selling used panties online! 


Pantydeal is another excellent online site that has formed a community of buyers and sellers. The site’s smooth interaction helps people enjoy their sexual fantasies by purchasing used panties. The marketplace has over one million buyers and sellers.

Panty deal lets you set up your online store where you can sell various used items. You can set up a price and let the buyers make requests.

Most people who sell used panties on pantydeal charge about $5 to $100 for one pair of panties, depending on their customer base. lets buyers connect with thousands of sellers to let them purchase used panties online. If you want to sign up as a seller, you can simply visit the website and register. is a free site that lets you make your account in a few seconds. It is accessible to people all across the globe. This platform has an extensive community of buyers from Australia, South Africa, and the UK.

New sellers join every day, which makes it a growing platform. However, you may find over-saturated due to its huge marketplace. Therefore you will have to devise clever advertising ideas to sell used panties for a higher price.

Moreover, has a highly functional website, enabling smooth interaction between buyers and sellers. 


Kinkie is a UK-based platform for selling used panties. This site lets you connect directly with buyers. When you directly connect with the buyers, it helps you learn how to form business connections.

Moreover, kinkie has a huge range of items. Sellers can post various items, including videos, used panties, lingerie, pantyhose, etc. Since kinkie lets you sell various items, it is difficult to filter your products. So if you’re looking for a site where you want to sell other items with panties, kinkie is a good choice. 


Scented Pansy

Scented Pansy is an interactive site for selling used panties online. The manager of the site is on board with buyers and sellers. used pantiesTherefore, if you face any challenges on this website, the owners and managers help resolve your query. Their review system is also helpful.

So if you’re a beginner looking into this side hustle, the scented pansy is an excellent platform. However, the scented pansy has a smaller community of sellers and buyers. Some sellers have made exceptional money with hundreds of views, while others struggle to jumpstart their sales.

Most sellers are also overlooked as they don’t have enough reviews. Therefore, you will have to work on building a customer base to gain good customer reviews to boost sales of scented pansy.

If you want to avoid the massive uphill struggle on scented pansy, it is best to ask your friends and family to subscribe and leave reviews. Also, check in with your customers to leave feedback. Implementing these strategies can help you generate more sales. 


Sniffr is a popular site for selling used panties. This site has an extensive customer community but a low traffic influx. For example, if sites such as Sofia Gray or Pantydeal have 200 people on chat, Sniffr only connects you with about 20 buyers.

If you don’t want to enter a saturated marketplace, Sniffr is an excellent platform choice. However, it will take you a long time to find potential customers as most of them are unapproachable.

Sniffr also has good functionality and an easy user interface. It incorporates the same review system as other panty-selling sites, including Pantydeal. So you will have to convince your customers to leave feedback. 

Erotic Dreams

Erotic dreams are a UK-based website for selling used panties. This website was started in 2018 to build a unisex fetish-based platform to overcome fetish shaming. 

Moreover, the primary goal of erotic dreams was to create a platform that lets users buy and sell items at reasonable prices. Therefore, this buyer and seller-friendly website has affordable monthly subscriptions to help people start a side hustle.

Their premium subscription only costs about £2 per month. The site has a well-designed user interface and updates its buying and selling blogs with reviews. 

My Used Panty Store

My used panty store, MUPS, is a portal-based online store with a plain user interface and easy buyer-seller interaction. The site may feel obsolete as it is extremely simplistic.

But if you’re a beginner looking to sell used panties, MUPS is an excellent platform. You won’t have to spend time understanding the website interface, and you can directly start selling by setting up your store quickly. 


Pantielove has thousands of users as it is an excellent marketplace for selling used panties online. This platform treats buyers and sellers alike and helps them communicate effectively. In addition, it does not charge membership fees.

You also don’t need to have a credit card. Pantielove lets you stay completely anonymous by letting you choose a randomized name. Then, you can create an ad to let the buyers contact you. 

All Things Worn

All things work is another great platform for selling used panties. It has a simple shop front that focuses on the products. The products are laid out, and buyers can easily click on them to make a buying request. This site has an excellent customer rating. 

Final Thoughts 

As crazy as it sounds, selling used panties has a huge marketplace. You can simply visit one of these websites, set up an account, and start interacting with buyers to make a passive income. You can also set up an account on two to three websites to know which platform suits you best.

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