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Celebrity and entertainment clients: Paula Abdul, HBO, Oscars, Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, ALMA Awards, Craig Ferguson Show, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, E! Entertainment, MTV & VH1, In Style Magazine, People Magazine, American Idol, Showbiz Tonight, CNN’s Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and the list goes on!
Cliché: What are your core styling tips for men/women?
Dennis Stokely:
Messy, sexy, loose curls are all the rage for the season. Start with damp hair and add a medium mousse (Bumble & Bumble Full Force mousse is a favorite). Let the hair air-dry or dry with a blow dryer. With a medium or large curling iron, take random sections of hair and wrap the hair around the iron directed away from the face. Let the curls cool and then comb through the curls with yours fingers creating a messy, sexy vibe. You will rock any holiday party with this favorite look of celebs everywhere. Carmen Electra and Entertainment Tonight Correspondent Brooke Anderson are seen all over Hollywood rockin’ this ultra-fab hairstyle.
It’s difficult to duplicate the “salon look” at home. Any suggestions?
Practice & Patience! Getting the hang of using a round brush, curling iron, and the right amount of products is the key to duplicating your “salon look.” If you don’t get the hang of it quickly you might want to book a “styling lesson” appointment. Have your stylist explain each step of the process creating your look. The most beautiful styles now are less structured and more carefree. Putting in a little work and taking your time will make you a styling pro with your look.
What are the best must-haves at home regarding hairstyling products or equipment?
Big, sexy hair is a favorite look of mine for the holidays and every day, ha! I always encourage my celeb clients to have a volumizing shampoo in the shower and I love BB Thickening Shampoo and Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume. My favorite appliances in my kit right now are the Absolute Hot Tourmaline 4000 blow dryer and the Absolute Hot 4-in-One curling iron.
Is using conditioners just as important for men as they are for women?
Not necessarily. Especially for people with thin hair, conditioners can make the hair limp and lifeless. If tangles are the problem, a spray-in detangler should do the trick. As a rule, a little conditioner goes a long way, so the less used, the better. My favorite conditioners, oils, and treatments are from Moroccan Oil and Bumble & Bumble.
What about covering gray? How does one avoid that “shoe polish” look men tend to get?
Most men cover their hair with black hair color, creating the look of “shoe-polish,” which is a mistake. There are very few people with jet-black hair, especially older clients. A big tip would be to have a consultation in a salon and let a colorist help pick the right hair color for your skin-tone and eye-color. Men can now have rich hair color like they had when they were younger.
What secret styling tips can you give that you do or use on your celebrity clients?
Extensions are applied in many ways… clipped-in, sewn-in, bonded-in, glued-in, taped-in and even placed-in using fish wire halos! Don’t be afraid to experiment and use extensions to create your favorite celebrity hairstyle. As for thinning and balding spots, there are several sprays and powders that can cover the scalp to match the color
of the hair. I call it the magic of Hollywood, but extensions and powders and sprays to cover thinning hair are big secret weapons of celeb stylists everywhere!
Is there anything trending in men’s/women’s hairstyles for the holiday?
For men: the look of the guys on the hit Reality TV Show Duck Dynasty. For women: anything that Miley Cyrus is doing with her hair is an instant trend. Avoid them both. Both looks are dreadful.
What about fun “glitz” to use in hair for party-time?
I say go for it! I love glitz and glitter, funky hair colors, and wigs for parties. Anything goes and having fun with your look and feeling confident when you walk in the room is the most important thing. Rock on!
Are extensions for men, too? Can you reveal any celeb clients or projects you used them on?
They aren’t clients, but Bret Michaels, Tommy Lee, Steven Tyler, and John Travolta—take your pick all of these mega-watt Hollywood hunks—wear extra hair to create their celeb looks!
If you could, what new hairstyle would you give any celeb’s hair giving a fresh new image?
Madonna… I would love to give her a chic, classic, long bob with heavy bangs and a flawless blowout with luxurious products to create a rich texture. [As for] Justin Bieber, I miss those flock-of-seagulls bangs!
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