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fashion seasonal trends  Today we want to share our interview with the clothing brand, MANNAT GUPTA and seasonal fashion trends.  We had the pleasure to chat about the new launch of their line, Merak.  In result, we learned about how to mix bold and bright tones with subtle textures. Also, how to incorporate playful modularity into your Spring wardrobe. Lastly, how the brand wants their customer to feel when wearing MANNAT GUPTA.  With Spring in season, it is important to keep you wardrobe up to date with fun and playful pieces that match the seasons positive mood with 5 new Spring trends.

Tell us a little bit about the new collection and the meaning behind Merak.

Merak is a Serbian word, meaning the feeling of bliss and the sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest pleasures. Emotional transition is a continuous process. It plays a vital part in our lives and the people around us. Covid-19 has affected human psychology and emotions to a much deeper level. It taught us how to free ourselves from surrounding boundaries and connect with ourselves and nature. Our collection, Merak, was inspired by the emotional, mental, and physical transitions that transcribed from the pandemic and led to people detaching and attaching themselves from other people, things, or activities.

What inspired MANNAT GUPTA to incorporate modularity pieces?

We noticed a particular pattern amongst ourselves and the people around us during and after the pandemic about different things. For instance, how people have evolved before and after the pandemic. Resulting in many becoming more conscious about what they were buying, eating, who and how they were spending their time. With keeping our basic concept of attachment and detachment in mind, we decided to incorporate the same in our designs. We wanted to come up with pieces that would bring flexibility to the wearer according to the mood and occasion they were dressing up for.  We wan to bring in a certain level of comfort and functionality in their everyday life.

How does the brand forecast new trends?

Each season, our collections start with an initial concept, which leads to extensive research regarding the fabrics, silhouettes, and colors. Then, of course, we investigate platforms such as Pantone and WWD to see what will be in the trend. However, we believe our audience is the best people and platform for us to know what they are looking for. Therefore, we explore their needs through extensive market research and various digital tools.  By doing so, we conduct multiple surveys throughout the year to get their insights. This has helped us keep track of the trends and keep our clients satisfied.

How does MERAK stand apart from the previous collections MANNAT GUPTA has produced?

All the collections at MANNAT GUPTA consist of minimal yet versatile pieces, giving the wearer room to play around with, re-wear, and restyle. However, since the drastic change in the market, during and after the pandemic, we wanted to develop a collection that would give the wearer multiple pieces to wear from a single sample.  To exemplify, the Merak maxi dress which can be detached and worn in eight different ways using fabric buttons or a bodysuit. Providing functionality, comfort, and versatility with each element in the Merak collection is vital. Therefore, we have been able to impact the market and indirectly promote reusing the garments in a wearer’s closet.


MERAK features different color palettes from dark browns, bright pinks, and mint greens.  What inspired the collection to feature such prominent colors?

We wanted to work with shades that would blend and not be overwhelming.  We decided to stick to neutral and subtle shades that would not overpower the piece. Of course, the season and trends affect our final color choices too, but more than that, we always try to make our collection look cohesive. Therefore, we try to stick to colors that will work well together, leaving the wearer space to mix and match our pieces.

How is abstract integrated into the brand, MERAK?

We noticed people worldwide approaching a sustainable way towards life and intelligent buying during and post the pandemic. Our objective was to promote the idea of reusing their clothing side by side. We wanted to integrate pieces in our collection that would be versatile.  Being versatile for the wearer create multiple looks/elements from a single sample. Detachable clothing has been addressed by various designers/brands before. Still, the way we combined different techniques and functionality in our pieces was a revelation for our viewers. The concept and designs we brought through our collection, Merak, have brought MANNAT GUPTA a lot more exposure worldwide  

MERAK ranges from many different silhouettes and fabrics, what influences are behind these luminous pieces?

Merak focuses on silhouettes that accentuate a woman’s body keeping in mind the comfort aspect. In addition, we wanted to focus on shapes that would be versatile and multi-functional. We try to work with materials of different textures and weights to create more depth in our pieces.  For instance, combining a lightweight, sheer fabric with a heavyweight, opaque fabric like a cotton knit or crepe. It is essential for us, at MANNAT GUPTA, to keep in mind the movement, flow, and fall.

MANNAT GUPTA is a women’s clothing brand, how do you want women to feel when wearing the new line, MERAK?

We, at MANNAT GUPTA, want women to feel confident, elegant but bold when they wear any of our pieces. Hence, we follow a made-to-order and made-to-measure model for our label. We strongly believe that the clothes are for fitting the wearer and not the other way around. We want to be a part of a universe that supports, uplifts, and celebrates all kinds of tenacious women; a world where style and substance go hand-in-hand. 

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