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Importance of Summer Skincare

Taking good care of your skin is a must all year long but in the summer is especially important! Nothing is worse than a bad sunburn, really dry skin, or using the wrong kind of makeup during the summer. Here are some products I love and some skin tips!
1. (Sunscreen) Sunscreen is a must, people. ALWAYS use sunscreen. I know sometimes lotioning up your whole body can be a pain and very time consuming which is why these new fangled spray sunscreens are fantastic!!! There are so many different companies now offering the spray sunscreen and don’t be fooled… the generic is just as good as the name brands and a lot less expensive. Once you go generic, you never go back!!!

2. (Lip balm) Another must have is lip balm! Lips can be super sensitive when it comes to sun and the feeling of burnt lips is not a good one. Wear lip balm. Just do it. A couple lip balms that I love are EOS and Soft Lips! EOS has all different scents/flavors that I really love. I love a nice variety and the list is practically endless… (strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew,  and so on!) My favorite when it comes to Soft Lips is standard vanilla; yum… so good! Soft Lips is also spf 20 which is great!
3. (SPF Foundation) Ok, so I know I said you should always wear sunscreen and that is true! Always put sunscreen on your arms, legs, chest, etc. But, for your face there is a different approach. An approach that I myself love! Sometimes sunscreen on your face with all your makeup over it can be icky and slimy and just not cool. Now so many foundations have sunscreen built right in which makes it so easy! A couple of my favorite sun protectant foundations are…

-Elf – Flawless Finish Foundation. (say that 10 times fast)
– Yes To – Grapefruit CC Cream
4. (Moisturizer) Summer can really dry your skin out. It’s really important to use moisturizer. You should moisturize in the morning before you start your day and when you’re about to go to bed, after you wash your face of course! You can find reasonably priced moisturizer but do your research! Check out reviews and see what’s in the products you’ll be using on your face everyday. I recommend using “Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion +.”

5. (Cleanser) As I said in number four you should always wash your face at night before you go to bed. After a long summer day your face deserves to be washed. If you wear quite a bit of makeup I recommend using makeup remover wipes before you wash it. I like to use Elf Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes and to wash my face, Olay Age Defying cleanser.

6. (Powder) For people whose skin tends to get greasy during the day, the summer heat can really add to that. Half way through the day a quick touch up with Elf’s Studio Translucent Mattifying Powder makes it look like you just applied your makeup.

There are other powders you can find if Elf isn’t your thing. As you can see, Elf is my thing. It’s inexpensive and the products are great: for me, at least. Remember everyone’s skin is different. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Certain skin types need certain kind of products. Some people have really sensitive skin, some people don’t. See what works for you and remember to always be nice to your skin! I hope you find these skin tips/products helpful!
-Erin Bowman

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