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IMG_4566The Magician’s Cabaret 
Located at Paddington near downtown Sydney, the Magician’s Cabaret, created by James Karp, does not have a harbor view nor Wagyu beef on the menu, but an evening at the Magician’s Cabaret is simply amazing, unpredictable, and enchanting… certainly a “bucket list” item when in Sydney. With an old world atmosphere, this intimate cabaret theater restaurant brings together Las Vegas magic, Paris cabaret, and New York dining. As you enter the venue, the hallway is filled with magic paraphernalia leading to a 1900’s wooden box office. Attentive staff members, dressed in top hats and tails, usher guests to candlelit tables and cordially offer bar service. A roving magician performs card tricks at each table until everyone, maybe 120 guests, are seated and delicious appetizers are served. As the house lights dim and the stage curtain opens, a masked magician appears out of the smoke and with a wave of his cape La Fortuna, played by Simone Karp, instantly appears. Wearing a gold top hat and covered in diamantes the sassy cabaret performer sings “Take Your Chance and Follow Me” as dancers interpret the song of fortune and hope. The audience escapes with her on this magical journey.
Presented in seven acts of storytelling, magic, dance and song, the show, “La Fortuna,” explores the reality of adulthood, everyday life, and returns everyone to a childlike innocence where anything is possible with the miracles that magic creates.
Along with magic on the stage, the fine dining experience is magical as well with an artistic appetizer of marinated grilled eggplant, feta cheese, and roasted asparagus with yogurt remoulade followed by an entrée of palace court shrimp salad. The main course features French Coq Au Vin completed with a dessert of parched cream and meringue soufflé. Each delightful course is served between the performing acts with plenty of time for another glass of wine.
Three cheers to the acclaimed magician, James Karp, for writing and producing such a wonderful show together with his lovely and talented wife, Simone. The show was choreographed by renowned James Taylor, formerly of the Royal Ballet of London, and the music was arranged by Ian of Atlas Works. In addition to James and Simone, the magicians featured include Max Rendall and Jackson Ace. Many thanks to gorgeous Karina Bujnowicz formerly of the Moulin Rouge, and the entire entourage of dancers for bringing the story of La Fortuna to life.
When in Sydney after dark, the dining and entertainment choices are many, but these three choices stand out as the best in town.

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Sydney After Dark was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.

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