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It’s one of those postcard sunny days with blue skies in Los Angeles when we meet up with actress Marina Anderson, an equally bright energy who greets us with a beaming smile. From Sicilian, Lithuanian, French, and Spanish heritage, this vivacious beauty has a passion for writing and has been active in the field since she was in college. Not one to sit still, Anderson is also a publicist (for celebrities including music icon Alan Parsons and actor-environmentalist Ed Begley Jr.), acting coach, career consultant, and personal manager (at The Media Hound PR), makeup artist, jewelry designer, and spiritual consultant. Whew! Currently, she is busy with the re-release of her hot-selling memoir: David Carradine, The Eye Of My Tornado.
Some of her unique and diverse starring, guest star, supporting roles, and appearances in television shows, features films, webisodes, national commercials, and voiceovers include Dexter (opposite Jennifer Carpenter), co-lead in the Emmy-nominated web series Sophie Chase, Law & Order LA, Desperate Housewives, Dangerous Curves, Sex & Mrs X (opposite Linda Hamilton), Forever Knight, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (opposite David Carradine), the Genie Award-winning film 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, and many other productions.
Chatting away over a green tea blended frappé, we find Anderson’s passions include painting, craft projects and helping animal rescue organizations. Look for her next book, The Adventures of Lulu the Collie, which stars her beloved dog, Lulu, daughter to Lassie VIII. If she isn’t busy in meetings for a reality show pilot she’s producing, acting, recording voice over auditions, or visiting with her 94-year-old mother, Anderson is at her computer writing. For a “Flying Goddess,” she is a very grounded, down-to-earth person.
IMG_7333doneCliché: Your memoir is a significant and very personal book. Why did you write it?
Marina Anderson: Like my jewelry, it was all about empowerment. First to empower myself, then to empower others. Especially women. I want to point out this is an updated version of the original. This has mega pictures from my personal collection, new stories, and new information that came to light after the book originally published in 2010. My memoir started out as my self-help therapy, just to vent. When I’d talk to people about various things, like problems in a marriage or other serious subjects, I realized this was something that could potentially help others, too. So I didn’t hold back about things, like the sexual abuse and incest. I felt others could benefit from my coming out and writing about it. And it has. I get people thanking me for having the courage writing the book. When clairvoyant John Edward predicted in the celebrity reading segment for his television show that I’d be rebuilding my foundation from scratch, I had no idea at the time it would not only take years to do, but my memoir would be a part of it. I wanted to change the matrix in my being in order to stop a pattern in my life. I thought I could help David do the same with his demons. Our relationship was the catalyst of that change happening to finally heal the core of my being.
The Flying Goddess? How’d you come up with that name?
Well, when I lived with David, we had these ornate, colorful wood-carved figurines dangling from our living room ceiling. One was a Love Goddess. It looked like it was flying, so when I was trying to come up with a name for my production company I thought of The Flying Goddess. In my book, there’s a whole story behind how the logo I designed for it materialized into a jewelry line—a very spiritual and very “meant-to-be” message behind it.
That is so cool! How long did it take you to write your book?
GOODNESS! Ugh! [She gives us a comical expression to look like she’s screaming] I could write a book on my experience with the original publisher, but I won’t get into that now. You know how people say “just write down things that bother you” and then either burn the paper or throw it in the trash? Well, when I’d write things down, I just couldn’t bring myself to destroy it. There was something telling me I should keep it and just set it aside. So I did. My one-pagers turned into chapters. That was over a period of the time I was with David and through the divorce, but I didn’t set out to write a book. I just wanted to vent. But in talking to people about my experiences, they kept saying “you should write a book.” After I got my original book deal, it took me about four months of 14- to 16- hour days to organize my notes, “vents,” and write new chapters for the complete memoir.
To churn it out that quick was insane. The titles I came up with for each chapter just flowed as did the rest of the book. I’ve gotten compliments on the chapter titles, too. It’s nice. But that period of time from writing to dealing with the publisher and then feeling like my book was being promoted wrong was an extremely stressful time. I felt like my book was being exploited instead of getting the message out of the true purpose and importance, relevance, and meaning behind it. I was so incredibly upset. It still ticks me off.
IMG_7171doneHow do you view David then and now?
He’s still a world icon. David was a complex and fascinating man… larger than life, dynamic, and multi-talented. He had an undercurrent of insecurities and a fear of abandonment that caused him to consistently hit the self-destruct button in his life. He had a volatile, dark, but brilliant personality and mind, which I found irresistible. Totally charismatic, especially with women. Ha! Yes, indeedy! And he had an incredibly fun and funny side too.
Looking at the two of you, you look like a bit of a mis-match. Did people ever tell you this?
[Laughs] Yes… well… after we separated, I had dear friends who also knew David finally say, “We didn’t want to tell you this, but we were thinking ‘Are you fucking nuts?!’” A lot of people told me that we didn’t look like we belonged together. But the reality and spirituality of it is that I believe David and I were destined to be together to learn certain lessons—karmic things. And we did. And like his TV show, at a point, it was time to leave the temple.
Was he the love of your life?
Probably. It feels like it. I’m hoping to find love again, so we’ll see. I believe I was his. He wore a duplicate of our wedding band until the day he died. I put everything into our marriage, him, his career to get him back on the “A” list. I got lost in the process, but succeeded in our mission with multitudes of projects I secured for him as his personal manager paving the way for Kill Bill. Like the song in Chorus Line, “What I did for love…” Well, that’s for sure, and people in the industry and friends of ours knew it, too. I feel men and women will be able to identify with dedicating their life to someone they love. When David first got sober, two of his brothers thanked me for giving them their brother back.
How did it come about that he met Quentin Tarantino?
It was at a party during the 1995 Toronto Film Festival at the Bistro 990, a popular restaurant there. We just finished chatting with Drew Barrymore and Quentin wandered in. David was too shy to go up to him and I was determined not to let the opportunity slip by, so I went up to Quentin myself. The rest is in my book, and in history. [Wink]
I read you consulted astrologers and psychics?
Oh… yes, indeed. Still do: Sloan Bella, Weiss Kelly, Donna Hennen. I’ve been into that since I was a kid. I studied it, and used to do readings for people. Now I do healings. For animals, too. So to consult with a psychic about things, especially business, well, that was just part of my life and David was also into it. When he died, I consulted with the ones I was closest to. The ones I mentioned. Helped me get not only get through the shock, but through the information about his death. It’s [we say this in unison] all in the book.
You’ve had acting roles in so many cool projects. Voice-overs, too.
I was trained in theatre. Did a lot of Shakespeare and musicals. I’ve played everything from demented murderers to moms to attorneys to bimbos in scenes opposite some wonderful talent: Linda Hamilton, John Forsythe, Mariel Hemingway, Blair Underwood, Michael Nouri, David (Carradine, of course), his brother, Robert, Frank Stallone… oh my gosh, the list goes on. Great fun. I got into voice-overs many years ago and did a ton of them. I love doing different characters. It comes easily to me. I had a lot of practice since I used to disguise my voice all the time on the phone for fun or when I didn’t want people to know it was me. When I lived in Canada, I had five national on-camera commercials running within two years too.
IMG_7223doneSo what are you up to now?
I just did a role in a film short called In Honor Of. I play a mom with a bit of a demented viewpoint on things. I LOVE those types of “off” roles! It has a very haunting storyline. I’m also developing various projects for TV and film. A metaphysical show and a film version of my book. Ta-da! I’m dual citizen (American-Canadian) so it could very well be a Canadian production. It got interest from two heavyweight Canadian writer-producers and director-Exec producer who has primetime TV hits, DGA, and Emmy Awards. In fact, at one point we all worked together on the same show. Working on funding and the script.
That’s fabulous! More writing?
Yes! I have a series of children’s inspirational books I want to publish as well as a self-help book. I’m also preparing for the publishing of my first children’s book, The Adventures Of Lulu The Collie. It stars my beloved girl, Lulu, who was daughter to the real Lassie VIII and brother from the same litter—Lassie IX. It would make a fabulous animated cartoon series. I’m working on her website ( She was in the “biz” as well, with a long list of TV shows and films to her résumé. Lulu was the light of my life. I dedicated my memoir to her. She got me through the most difficult time in my life.
When it comes to animals, you are on the bandwagon, huh?
Definitely. Animal and children’s rights advocate! Definitely! I’m SO into helping animal causes. I’m getting my Flying Goddess jewelry back out on the market. I’m keeping busy with that and freelance writing for fabulous publications like Cliché! HELLLOOOOOOOO! So proud to be a part of this magazine! You guys are great and the magazine is totally awesome!
Back at ya, girl! Anything else you want to shout out?
Yes. Life is full of challenges. Some greater than others. Right now my brother and I are dealing with the aging of our mom and it’s things like this that push you into a different perspective and reality of life and what it’s all about, and how precious it is. It’s sometimes difficult not to become fearful about the future and it’s important people appreciate what is truly valuable and important. It’s not materialistic things. It’s love, quality of life, bringing joy to others… sharing and helping, too. We are all human beings with our own faults. No one is perfect. To forgive is not to forget or dismiss. Things happen and sometimes it’s a challenge to learn from it and to move forward in a positive and proactive way. But it is possible. THANKS CLICHÉ!
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