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Blogger of the Month: Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me

Every blog out there has its own theme, aesthetic, and emotion that its creator strives to emulate in each post that is published. As one clicks over to Jenny Cipoletti’s blog Margo & Me, you find yourself emerged in an entire world filled with a Parisian atmosphere, romantic details, and feminine touches that remind us of a page ripped right out of an issue of Vogue Paris from the 1960s. It’s a blogging experience like no other, one that makes you want to visit again and again, one that will have your lips curving into a soft smile while scrolling through it. Cipoletti’s impeccable taste and darling personality truly makes her worthy of the title “Blogging’s Sweetheart.” We’re quite sure that after reading this, you will not only fall in love with her, but with Paris, too.

Cliché: Margo & Me is such a delightful blog; just landing upon the homepage makes our staff smile. We’re loving the new renovation, by the way. Can you tell us a little more about the new design?
Jenny Cipoletti: Aw! Thank you! I really wanted to take the site in a new direction. The standard blog felt dated and stale to me, so we incorporated all of the elements on the old home page into the blog roll. In addition to that, the site is far more resourceful and searchable. We have so much evergreen content on there, from where to eat and shop in Paris to inspiration for aisle style through my personal wedding and also everything I did leading up to it. We also envisioned a more product-driven destination for beauty to live in, which is The Beauty Edit, featuring product reviews. The last element that I think really brings everything together is how the branding feels cohesive, from our signature colors of blush pink and grey to decorative details along the edges of buttons, to picture-perfect fonts and more images on the homepage with the posts. We are so excited and hope you all love it, too!

Whether it’s beauty, fashion, or travel, you give us a first-class pass to it all. If you had to choose one of these three topics to blog about for a month straight, which one would it be?
Oh, travel for sure! I think the beauty of travel is blending into your surroundings, so fashion and beauty naturally fall into this.
I know putting yourself out into the cyber world can be a lot at times, but you make it seem utterly effortless. Where do you draw your self-confidence from?
Well, thank you! I truly just like to capture what makes me happy, and it’s truly inspiring to see that it inspires so many people as well. I truly mean it when I say that every like, comment, follow, and email means the world to me because it’s what keeps me creating!
Your love affair with Paris is so evident in your style and you exude pure joy when you speak about it. What do you love about it?
Oh yes, I fell for it. I fell for it all! Paris captivates my soul. What’s most extraordinary is what lies in the ordinary.

Time has a beautiful way of evolving in the direction you want it to when you do what you love doing.

You and your true love (besides Paris), husband Fred, are what millennials like myself define as #relationshipgoals. How do you balance both your business and personal life? Are there any times where you find it trying? If so, how do you power through it?
Aw! Thank you! I think the biggest bit of advice I can give is to know that there’s a specific time in the day that is dedicated to work and during that time, you discuss topics related to work and we both acknowledge that we are partners in this business; neither one of us is the boss. Then there’s a point in the day when you have to shut off and just be husband and wife. It’s so important to be able to disconnect and find that boundary and stick to it. There will be times when we will be at dinner and it’s so easy to keep talking about work because it’s the other half of us, but conversation outside of that is key.
There are definitely times when we find it trying! Freddie and I are passionately creative and both want our visions to be seen and heard. Ninety-five percent of the time we are on the same page about things, but that 5% of the time when we are not is when we are challenged to find a middle ground. Compromise is everything.
Everyone has their own story, and you’re willing to share yours with the world. It’s truly inspiring to not only your readers, but to women aiming to reach for their goals and dreams every day. What do you want people to take away from your story?
The one message that I want my readers to take away from my story is something I wish someone told me when I was starting out in my career. I was terrified; I didn’t know anyone in fashion and didn’t really have a vision or a creative direction. As a creative person, I felt lost and alone while all of my friends had salaries and stability. Time has a beautiful way of evolving in the direction you want it to when you do what you love doing. Don’t compromise, and stay as true to your authentic self as possible.
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Blogger of the Month: Jenny Cipoletti of Margo & Me: Photographed by Fred Cipoletti

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