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Going Beyond YouTube with Gabriel Conte

Gabriel Conte, best known for his popular Vines and YouTube channel, is immersing himself in a new role as actor in the Go90 series Mr. Student Body President. Conte caught up with us to chat about growing up, his journey into entertainment, and who he idolizes as an actor.

Cliché: Tell us about yourself growing up. What were you like as a kid? When did you decide entertaining was for you?
Gabriel Conte: Growing up, I was always very active! My older brother and I kind of grew up like twins since we were so close in age and always spent time outside together. We were always obsessed with a sport and the sport constantly changed. We would be obsessed with football, and then soccer, then street hockey, and then basketball, etc. My friends and I always loved filming random silly stories we made up and I learned how to edit from putting the films we made together. That’s kind of where I got my start with filming my own content, but it never turned into anything until much later.
With content creation, you have complete creative control over what is being produced. You’ve recently ventured into scripted content, where your main role was being an actor. Was that transition difficult?
It wasn’t difficult for me to transition into scripted content because I started in entertainment as an actor in middle school. I joined a local theatre program and fell in love with acting and continued all the way into college. I competed through high school and then was pursuing an acting degree at FSU before moving out to L.A. Acting wasn’t really anything new for me, but the business side of the industry took some time to learn and adjust to. But I enjoy every step of it!

You rose to popularity through new media such as Vine and YouTube. What do you like about those platforms? What drew you to them in the first place?
Well, I started growing a following originally on Vine, and it was a great way to put out original skits and videos. It really allowed creators to gain an audience from just using their phone. I look at Vine ending as a challenge for creators to move up to longer videos like those on YouTube and Facebook. I’ve been posting on YouTube for almost two years now and it’s really a great way to show your creativity alongside your personality, as well as simply share your mind with the world.
What was the best experience about being on set? Any funny stories?
The best experience on set is always working with such talented and creative minds to create amazing stories. Also, with the amount of time you have to spend on each set, you really make good friends with the actors you’re working with.
You’ve grown a big following over the past few years. Do you have any touching or funny fan encounters?
Every fan encounter is really an amazing experience. Each new fan I meet is putting a new face to the viewers watching and continuously supporting my content. The best encounters are the ones where I’m told that the content I’ve put out has helped that person’s life in some way. That’s what it’s all about: being a positive impact and helping people.

The best [fan] encounters are the ones where I’m told that the content I’ve put out has helped that person’s life in some way. That’s what it’s all about: being a positive impact and helping people.

Who are some of your inspirations?
One of my inspirations is Dylan O’Brien because I really admire the career he has built for himself and the roles he’s been able to play throughout his career. I also admire someone like Tim Tebow who, through all the fame, was still able to stay true to himself and to his faith, since that is also very important to me.
What’s next for you?
Besides Mr. Student Body President on Go90, you can also catch me in Foursome. New episodes air every Wednesday on YouTube Red! Outside of work, I’m traveling between Australia and L.A. while planning mine and my financée’s wedding!
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