How FoxyBae’s Straightening Hair Brush is Changing the Game

Even though plenty of reports have told us that heat products can damage our hair, we still turn up the heat to get the chicest styles we crave. Now, a new, revolutionary hair product from FoxyBae is making the heat-styling process safer for girls with even the tightest curls. The new straightening hair brush ($149.95) is the safest and easiest way to tame even the frizziest hair and achieve shiny, straight locks with their tourmaline technology.


Beauty gurus everywhere know that using the right tools is key when keeping your hair healthy and damage-free, and FoxyBae is right there with you. Their straightening hair brush’s ceramic and tourmaline technology heats quickly from within and fills your hair with 20 times more negative ions than a normal hair straightener. This helps seal the hair cuticle with smoothing properties and is scientifically proven to not only tame your hair, but also enhance shine. Instead of clamping your hair between two hot irons like a traditional hair straightener, all you need to do is gently brush your hair to straighten it. Since you aren’t pressing your hair and weighing it down, this also gives your hair much more natural movement and volume.
Perhaps our favorite thing about this brush is that it allows for faster styling and longer-lasting results. Its 360-degree swivel cord also allows for ultimate flexibility when styling so it’s very comfortable to use—just like a normal hair brush!

This west coast brand is all about the S.L.A.Y Factor: “Style, Love, Attitude, and YAAAASSS!” And this brush certainly achieves that goal.
Head to to learn all about this styling brush and read their many 5-star reviews. FoxyBae is even throwing in free hair ties with your purchase to sweeten the deal. Happy styling!
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How FoxyBae’s Straightening Hair Brush is Changing the Game: Photographs courtesy of FoxyBae

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