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5 Engagement Ring Trends Dazzling Soon-to-Be Brides in 2021

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Ringing In New Trends: 5 Engagement Ring Trends Dazzling Soon-to-Be Brides in 2021

Today we want to share 5 engagement ring trends dazzling soon to be brides in 2021. Every era brings with it a new ring trend for brides-to-be to lust over. From Elizabeth Taylor’s 33-carat rock that struck brides of the 60s with size envy to Kate Middleton’s brilliant sapphire that boomed the colored-gem market, an engagement ring can be a timeless symbol of an era—while also serving as an emblem of your eternal love. 

Though yellow-gold settings and chunky diamonds tugged on the heartstrings of the brides of yesterday, In the engagement ring industry today, the 2020s have already started on a unique foot, with traditional settings and alternative looks dominating the engagement ring market. So, whether you’re a trendsetter or a trend spotter, it’s time to brush up on engagement ring trends sweeping brides off their feet. 

Here are five trends that have brides-to-be flaunting their ring fingers before they rush down the aisle.

Multiple stones

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While the single-stone engagement ring style is a timeless design, multiple stones have always been a unique addition to the ring market. For example, first Lady Jackie Kennedy wore the “Toi et Moi” (or two stone ring) style, giving brides multiple-stone envy for decades to come. However, the multiple-stone ring is not likely to go out of style any time soon. 

For those runaway brides chasing down engagement ring trend after engagement ring trend, it’s time to splurge on a timeless classic (that never goes out of style). To achieve the timeless beauty you crave in a wedding look, turn to some of the best jewelers in the country to keep your engagement style current. Diamonds Forever San Diego, a retailer of engagement rings in San Diego, prides itself on gemologist-crafted jewelry that makes a statement.

Unique bands

The single band and setting are iconic engagement ring styles, and unique bands have been making waves in the engagement ring market. For those soon-to-be brides looking to turn heads on their wedding day, consider a wrap-around band style, where the ends of the band are not connected. As an alternative, set the stone atop multiple bands. 

engagement ring trends

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Why not add bling wrapping around the entire band, accentuating the primary stone in the middle? Unusual metal colors are also another way to keep your ring unique and trendy. If you identify as a daring bride that marches to the beat of her own drum, black bands are increasingly popular, as are yellow-gold bands. Of course, rose gold will always be a timeless choice, as are white gold or silver bands destined to never go out of style. 

Once you’ve settled on your bridal bling, try these tips to keep your wedding band shining for years to come.

Alternative stones

The classic diamond represents resilience, faithfulness, and commitment, which is why it has been the most common choice to represent the bond between partners for decades. However, the use of alternative stones has been on the rise in the engagement ring market. Colored gems symbolize an array of different attributes that make a relationship unique. For example, rubies have long symbolized love and passion, while emeralds represent wealth and abundance. 

Are you looking to brighten up your wardrobe and relationship? Consider a citrine for energy or a sunstone for freedom. Ultimately, you’ll want to repurpose your ring to represent what is unique in your relationship. 

Different settings

The classic engagement ring setting is the prong setting around a solitaire gem. The prong is a little metal claw that grips the stone tightly into place atop a band. The set of your ring may seem like a minor detail when considering style and gem, but it can significantly impact the appearance of the jewel itself. 

The Tiffany setting was developed by Tiffany & Co., featuring a six-prong inlaid holder, which is said to maximize the brilliance of the stone. However, the bezel setting skips the prongs and goes for a wholly encased setting to hug the gem into the band. 

While the prong, Tiffany, and bezel settings are the most popular and timeless of ring settings, alternative settings have made their way to the front of the ring market. Why? For one, a tension setting holds the gem in place with a wraparound band, giving your engagement ring a minimalistic design with a defying-gravity appearance. By contrast, a flush setting lays the rock into the band itself, so the surface is sleek and smooth without a jewel sitting on top. 

Remember, the setting can be as impactful as the gem, so choosing how the gemstone is held in place is a statement-making step in crafting the perfect ring. In line with these innovative settings, oval diamond rings have emerged as a sophisticated choice for those seeking a blend of classic elegance and modern design.


engagement ring trendsStacked rings are becoming increasingly popular because they can evolve. An engagement ring with a nesting wedding band is a timeless combination, but the addition of multiple rings to create a stack is a trending evolution in the ring market. 

Consider adding bands to represent significant milestones in your marriage, like your first anniversary. A birthstone band is a popular stack to represent children. Choosing a nesting suite of rings takes some planning to decide how the ring will evolve, but it a way to keep your setting current as you build upon your marriage. If stacked is the women wedding ring set you’re looking for, you’ll be quite pleased with the selections you’ll find on wedding and engagement ring retail websites. This style of rings has become quite popular in recent years and many jewelry shops carry them now.

Before you walk down the aisle

An engagement ring is more than a promise to wed: it is a representation of your enduring love with your partner. That said, selecting a ring style as timeless as the love shared between you and your fiance is one of the biggest big-day decisions you’ll make. 

Ring trends of past decades have built upon classic looks influencing trends today. For those brides hoping to make a statement during their once-in-a-lifetime affair, opt for a multiple stone design, which can be as traditional or abstract as you wish when combined with a unique setting or band. Ditching the standard diamond for a colorful jewel can also speak volumes when it comes to representing your love and commitment. Planning additions to your stack over time is a romantic and timeless tradition taking the engagement ring market by storm. 

No matter how you choose to symbolize your engagement and marriage, your big-day wedding band should be nothing short of a show-stopper. With engagement ring trends rooted in timeless traditions and classic trends, these gems are handcrafted to keep your commitment alive for decades. 

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