Running into Summer with Karrimor Footwear

For many, “working out” is the annual new year’s resolution left unanswered. Having to get up from your comfy place and put on uncomfortable workout clothes and unappealing gym shoes never sounds tempting. But what if we told you about a high-quality, affordable brand based in the UK that specializes in creating quality sports apparel that will ensure you check off working out on every resolutions list to come?

Karrimor creates innovative active apparel that stands out like no other brand. From lightweight and breathable fabrics to waterproof shoes with attractive color schemes, Karrimor has everything you need from sweatshirts and shorts to camping gear and bags. But what really stands out is their running shoes. Karrimor’s sneakers are your workout necessity this upcoming summer season. So prepare to work out and get the beach bod you’ve always wanted while keeping your feet comfortable and stylish.


Karrimor Sabre Trail Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($140,

One of the most difficult parts about picking workout shoes is balancing comfort over style. No one wants to work out in outdated running shoes, but too many times in fashion we have to sacrifice cute for comfort. With the Ladies Karrimor Sabre Trail sneaker, you find a sleek yet versatile running shoe ideal for both the treadmill and the trails.

With its quick-lace front and padded ankle collar, these shoes allow for a more secure and custom fit to your foot while sporting a subtle pink outsole that provides traction. Aside from its obvious innovative design, the Ladies Sabre Trail running shoe is stylish and simple. The black fabric of the shoe goes perfectly with any workout attire while the hot pink outsole gives you that touch of fierce feminine glam your exercise routine needs.


Karrimor Resolve ($195,

Now that we know it’s possible to get comfort and style with Karrimor, how else can their running shoes outweigh other brands? With innovative technology.

Karrimor Energy Return System, or K.E.R.S., is named for the material used in the design of the soles to make a more responsive cushioning system on your feet for greater energy return. These rapid running shoes are made with a specialized midsole that provides up to 20 percent more energy return than your typical midsole made out of foam. The lightweight mesh on the body adds a breathable and customized fit while the shoe is equipped with an arch brace for security and support. The fun navy and coral color scheme and patterned laces make it the ultimate running shoe.


Karrimor Duma Ladies Running Shoes ($98,

With working out comes sweat, which is one of the least attractive aspects of getting your exercise on. And despite being on the bottom half of your body, your feet aren’t excused from the sweating dilemma. With that in mind, Karrimor has designed its Ladies Karrimor Duma Running Shoes to have a mesh top-face for breathability and comfort. The soft fabric resembles that of a sock, providing room and breathing space while being framed by a waffle-grip outsole to ensure security and flexibility in your personalized workout routine.

Another plus to this awesome shoe is its elegant design. The delicate berry color of the Duma running shoe is a bold trend we are on board with that will help amp up your style while you amp up your body!


Karrimor Caracal Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($84,

Continuing the trend of exceptional running shoes by Karrimor for your summer prep needs, check out the Ladies Karrimor Caracal Trail sneakers in purple and coral! The understated coral accents give your footwear a warm weather vibe, which means it’ll be perfect for a run down by the coast.

The Caracal Trail running shoes have a hard outsole to help with keeping traction on your run, while also having multiple flex grooves to allow for a more natural and flexible bend of the foot. Complete with patterned laces and breathable fabric, this affordable design of footwear will be unlike anything your friends have seen.


Karrimor Ridge eVent Ladies Walking Shoes ($140.99,

One of the best parts about shopping for new workout styles is deciding what kind of trendsetter you want to be. Do you want to be bold and modern in your style, or do you want to bring back an old trend with a unique twist? With the Karrimor Ridge eVent Walking Shoes, you get to be a little bit of both!

The Karrimor Ridge Walking Shoe features a sleek, waterproof, and rubber-looking fabric that gives your shoe a more modern and soft touch. Paired with lace-hoops, a suede outer fabric, and taupe green color, these sneakers can’t help but throw you back into the 70s. Overall, the breathable fabric, waterproof lining, and cushioned midsole of the shoe is what really makes this design a must-have!

Aside from running shoes, Karrimor features several other exercise-related apparel items and outdoor necessities. Take the extra step to accomplish your workout goals while looking your best by running into summer with Karrimor footwear!


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