Mens Shoe Trends This Fall

mens shoe trends

Today we want to share some mens shoe trends this fall. As we have now entered the fall season and the weather is slowly starting to cool down, our wardrobes will be making a shift too. The beautiful colors of the changing trees tend to inspire our outfits a lot, with warmer tones, reds and browns. Shoes are perhaps the most tricky part of our fall outfits – how do we keep our feet warm and dry while also remaining stylish? If you are lacking inspiration, here are some of the top trends for footwear this fall.

Custom shoes

Investing in high quality shoes that will withstand the harsh weather conditions of fall and last you for many years to come is a must. However, spending more money also means that you have to find the perfect pair that you absolutely love. This is not always easy, especially if you have a very particular taste, which is why opting for custom shoes is now becoming increasingly popular. 

Let’s say you really like the shape, stitching and the lace style of a classic Derby shoe, however, you want it to be slightly taller, above your ankles (like the image below). Besides, you may want them in a specific type of shade and made with your chosen materials. That exact style might be a bit of a challenge to find, so ordering custom shoes means you will get the perfect fit – literally! 

mens shoe trends


Oxford shoes have been around for years now but they are not ready to leave our wardrobes just yet! The highly elegant dress shoe with a closed lacing style remains one of the most popular styles of fall shoes for both men and women. They are now available in a variety of styles, materials and colors. 

The classic black and suede Oxfords look great with a more formal business dress, including straight-cut trousers, suits, pencil skirts and smart coats. The brown or red leather styles are more versatile and can be seen styled with casual outfits, maxi dresses, leather jackets and even everyday jeans. 

Ankle boots

A pair of ankle boots are simply a must in everyone’s wardrobe. There is a huge variety available: laced or chelsea style, leather or suede, flat or with a heel, etc.. Choosing the right ankle boot for you is completely based on your personal style or preference. However, chelsea and chukka boots tend to be a common choice for working professionals, pairing very well with most business casual outfits. 

Ankle boots are highly versatile, particularly in womens outfits. For instance, a high-heel boot will work beautifully with everyday work wear, jeans, dresses and pantsuits as well as for a more glammed up outfit on a night out. They are easily dressed up or down and can even be styled in a more ‘edgy rocker chic’ kind of way. 


Loafers are one of the biggest hits this fall, enjoyed by all genders for their elegant looks, versatility and comfort. The classic penny loafers or the newer driving loafers, in particular, are great for all kinds of occasions – you can wear them to work with your pantsuit or throw them on with some jeans and a shirt for a more casual dinner date look. 

If that’s not your cup of tea, though, don’t worry – there are now tons of unique loafer styles, with options for everyone’s personal taste. Cheetah print loafers, for example, are a stylish choice for all the bold dressers out there, while the high-sole loafers do a great job in adding drama and edge to everyday outfits. 

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