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How Fashionable is Your Smartphone

In our increasingly mobile world when someone is ‘on their phone’ it usually means that their screen is in front of them, and in their hands, and this means that the phone case is on show to the world, and the mirror selfie, that ever popular meme of our time has the phone case at the center (usually with a posh coffee also breaking up the picture too!)

This year for the spring/summer show, designer Nicolas Ghesquiere reproduced ‘the finishings and intricate details found on an original Louis Vuitton trunk’ called the Eye-Trunk iPhone case, and the first model to step onto to catwalk held one of these Eye-Trunks which boasted studded edging and a miniature gold lock which can now be bought for a mere £745!
All joking aside just like the crocodile Filofax and the Mont Blanc Fountain pen alongside the best quill and wax seal your florins could buy the phone has become an important status symbol even to the extent of new words like phubbing appearing in our language.
*Phubbing as a  matter of interest is the act of ignoring your partner in favor of your phone, and is now one of the main reasons for relationship break-ups along with money issues and children.*
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Photo by wiredforlego

Nowadays the phone case is the new desk stationery, and as the same few phones tend to dominate the market both personality and humor are important for users to be able to individualize their phones. Now a teenage daughter can dress up her to suit her style making it completely different from her dad’s phone even if it is the same model.
That’s the beauty of the smartphone. The fact that you can tailor make it to suit your own particular needs has made the iPhone an essential piece of kit, to lose one or have it stolen is more than a minor disaster.
This is a long way from the early days, and it seems pretty unbelievable that it was only ten years ago this year that the first generation of iPhones were launched changing the way we communicate forever.
Today we can browse, pay for goods and services, carry out banking, listen to music, watch movies, play on mobile slots sites, as well as keeping in touch with family and friends through numerous social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The mobile phone has revolutionised the way we carry out daily tasks so it is no wonder that it has become such a value fashion accessory.
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