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The sun has finally made its way on our horizons and it’s definitely heating up our lives in every aspect, from our clothes to our skin’s glow. The hunt for swimsuits can be just as tiresome as the sun can make us during this time of year. I’m no stranger to how finding the perfect swimsuit can end up turning into a summer escapade itself. However, Free Bella, a contemporary and aesthetically carefree swimwear brand, is here to put all of our swimwear hunts―including mine―to a halt in no time.

Created by designer Francesca Lagudi, whose Australian roots have been part of the inspiration behind Free Bella, the swimwear brand is a fusion of the classic laidback SoCal vibes with an Australian twist. Talk about the best of both iconic coasts. Free Bella translates to “Free Beauty,” which perfectly encapsulates this free-spirited brand that aims to make any woman who is sporting its swimwear feel confident in “celebrating their beauty.”
We’re all about girl power at Cliché, especially when it comes to embracing your beauty and bodies in the summer. Free Bella just amplifies that by being the best swimwear cheerleader you’ll ever purchase a swimsuit from; what more can you ask for? Each Free Bella swimsuit is designed with a unique flair, and they are affordable, hardware-free, seamless, and made with so much heart right in the City of Angels, LA, California.
Looking to add a Free Bella swimsuit to your closet? Head to to snag one―or five―of your own. In the words of Free Bella: “You are Powerful. You are Worthy. You are Beautiful. You are a Free Bella babe.”
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Free Bella Swimwear: Photographs courtesy of Free Bella

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