Perfect Summer Clutches

The idea of lugging around an oversized handbag during these summer months is definitely something we don’t want to be sweating over. Of course, being in style and appearing fashionable can come with a cost, but there is an easy solution: the clutch. The clutch is this summer’s must-have item for carrying all of your summer essentials without the weight or burden of a heavy purse. Its small, compact size–yet roomy-enough interior–allows you to effortlessly organize your must-need essentials.

These easy-to-carry accessories can be styled with any outfit, and Cliché has compiled a list of some fashionable clutches in trending styles that you can use for your many summer looks. Check out these perfect summer clutches ready to be shown off in your hands.

Havana Clutch In Natural Gold $50,

Havana Clutch In Natural Gold $50,

Woven Neutral
A constant summer trend each year–much like the crochet trend– is woven texture. It provides that beachy feel, reminiscent of traveling to a sunny destination. Available mostly in neutral, wicker colors, woven clutches can be paired with any summer get-up to give it that chic touch. The metallic, leather details and rectangular structure allow it to be an easy, stylish carry-on, wherever you may go.


Klear Klutch Small Clear Transparent Clutch Bag $77,

Take on a fearless trend with this transparent style. The see-all bag makes it easier to know where everything is in your clutch. It’s a much more futuristic style, but it allows you to be a bit a more risqué and bold. To catch more attention, add pops of color by filling it with any of your bright summer must-needs. Or you could keep it neutral and allow your stellar outfit to be seen through it.

Roxiana Envelope Clutch Bag with Floral Print $27,

Tropical Print
What else is more summer-themed than a tropical print? Soak up the sun with this printed stunner, whether it be dangling on your shoulder by a thin chain or held in your hand. In the trendy envelope style that’s popular today, tropical print clutches would be the center of attention paired with a neutral outfit. Despite it being a little bit bigger than the average clutch size, its thin style allows for a weightless feel.


Aspiga Full Beaded Clutch $210,

Bead It
Another larger statement clutch comes in this all-over beaded style. With an intricately detailed Aztec pattern formed by different, vibrantly-colored beads, this accessory is a standout piece for sure. This look is one that you’ll always want to show off in of your wardrobe. This clutch will be a perfect combination when added to any of your summer dresses. You’ll have compliments galore!

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