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7 Amazing Shoe Lines You Need to Have in Your Closet

For many, shoes make the outfit. The comfort and durability of a good, quality shoe can help us stand up straighter and walk with more confidence. And of course, having a wide range of styles allows us to pick the pair that’s just right.

Too often, however, we find ourselves paying a premium for a shoe line that’s beautiful, but also pinch our feet. As a result, we don’t wear them often enough to justify the cost. That’s all about to change, as we move through seven brands that are completely worth the money, and best of all, are much less likely to kill your feet.

Shoe Lines

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  1. Matt and Nat

If you’re concerned that choosing “sensible” shoes mean they’ll appear decades out of style, this is the line for you. It’s also a top pick for ethical consumers, as every pair is 100% vegan. However, the lack of leather doesn’t appear cheap here.

From classic ballet flats, to edgier block-heel mules, to the super-sharp loafer, Matt and Nat’s offerings include seasonally relevant picks ideal for urban professionals which makes it a must have shoe line for woman who love their shoes.

vionic shoe line

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Men and women alike can outfit their entire shoe wardrobes with Vionic. Vionic shoes use doctor expertise and technology to ensure each pair can be work comfortably all day long.

Contoured foot beds and cushioned soles mean you won’t have to fiddle with insoles and other hacks to make your sneakers, boots, and wedges wearable.

  1. Alegria

What about those who stand all day, but still have to look professional? Here you may think your options are very limited, but is out to prove you wrong. Like other work shoes, they’re engineered for comfort, but their line also features whimsical patterns in addition to the more staid, classic leather styles.

Alegria’s clogs and mules in particular are wildly popular with those who work in healthcare.

  1. Sofft

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Sofft has been making shoes for nearly one hundred years, but they’re using their traditional skill to create a variety of up-to-date styles. If your wardrobe is focused on natural materials and softer neutral and pastel hues, this is your brand.

Sofft specializes in slip-ons and walking shoes, as well as fashionable, comfortable fall boots you’ll get years of wear from.

  1. Clarks

Clarks is another amazing shoe line that has been in business for more than a century. From dressy to casual, they are one of the world’s most famous brands offering foot-friendly shoes that truly last.

  1. Aerosoles

Looking for a pair of heels you can wear night and day, that don’t have an orthopedic appearance? Aerosoles offers pumps – even in on-trend cut-away styles – that meet your needs, whether you’re traversing an office environment or dancing all evening.

  1. Birkenstock

nateen08650 / Pixabay

Recently, Birkenstock has revamped their line to include much more than the usual earthy-crunchy cork sandal. That said, their clogs, boots, and other shoes are still distinctly Birkenstock enough to inspire you to go on a nature walk.

You can spend hundreds on a shoe that’s painful to tolerate and mostly sits in the back of your closet, or you can spend on engineered comfort and modern style. When you buy from any of the seven lines we shared today, you’ll find that truly high-quality footwear doesn’t have to hurt.



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