Kissing in Traffic, Satisfying Your Vintage Needs

Kissing in Traffic is a clothing company that was built by Jade Moss. In her teen years, she spent most of her time providing unique vintage clothes to boutiques until she decided to open up her own shop in Camden, London. There her and her team now craft handmade vintage pieces.

Kissing in Traffic has a great summer collection containing great prints. One of them, called Pretty in Paisley, comes in both blue and pink. They put this beautiful print to great use, creating unique clothing[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]…[/highlight] such as the Belle of the Beach. Belle of the Beach are paisley vintage denim shorts that have a fresh, new, unique, handmade look and are sure to turn heads.
Another great item is a floral spin on a denim t-shirt. Jade Moss, the Director/Designer of Kissing in Traffic, takes an already comfortable denim shirt and transforms it into a fashionable vintage piece. This is just one example of the unique, vintage style that Kissing in Traffic has created. The many great vintage shirts with unique patterns on them are suitable for any personality or style.
Another stylish item to have in your closet is one or all of their A- line vintage skirts. I cannot even tell you which one I love best, so I’ll name all three: Duck Egg Floral, Rosey Floral, and the Blue Pretty in Paisley Skirt. These skirts will definitely be the talk of the party. They go great with anything; if you want to take a dull outfit over the edge, then this is the way to go.
If you want more information on the great designs Kissing in Traffic has to offer or if you would like to purchase some of the items mentioned, please visit
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