Ed Letter: Oct/Nov 2014

The first thing I noticed when I stepped off the escalator at the Crowne Plaza in Times Square for Couture Fashion Week was how beautiful everyone was. Like, everyone: the beaming hostesses, the clusters of guests, the sharp businessmen and reporters, and, of course, the models. Around six of them were getting ready for the shows in one of the ladies’ rooms, leaning in towards the mirror to adjust their lashes and hair, and I felt like I was in that episode of Seinfeld when George Costanza stumbled into that secret underground club filled with beautiful women (which seemingly disappeared by the end of the episode, so who knows if it ever even existed). They all towered above me, which I wasn’t used to (with my wedge heels on, I stood at about 5’10”, which isn’t exactly short), and were all legs and topknots and lip-gloss. I found myself smiling politely while I touched up my own makeup beside them, trying not to stare.
If anything, Fashion Week is one huge gathering of beautiful, interesting, and creative individuals. I wondered: did I now fit into that mold, now that my name was stamped on the guest list like it’s stamped on the top of our masthead? (At least my boyfriend certainly thinks so.) Either way, the three-day event at Couture Fashion Week was one filled with extravagant fashion, beautiful faces, and tons of talented singers, dancers, and performers. It was a whirlwind for me, between tweeting when LTE allowed, snapping photos, having my own photo taken (thank you, photographer from Runway Life magazine, who thought my H&M dress was super classy, and Julian, the sweetest intern ever), and having drinks with a new friend (hello, Neglah from New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology). Interested in exactly how beautiful everything (and everyone!) was? Check out page. 25 in our Oct/Nov 2014 issue for exclusive photos.
Now on to the magic that is our current issue: for Oct/Nov, we’ve set our sights on fall, which is easily my favorite season of all. I adore everything about it: brisk mornings, ankle boots, stylish coats, light scarves, and the beautiful foliage (thank you, Mother Nature). From the best fall fashion trends to hairstyles and must-have accessories, our beauty and fashion departments have got you covered. Meanwhile, our entertainment and music departments have gathered some of the coolest shows, films, and music to check out this season. So whether you’re a fashionista craving the best summer-to-fall transition pieces, or if you’re going to be a couch potato and binge-watch the best dramas on television, at least do it in style. You know I will.

Megan Portorreal
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Ed Letter: Oct/Nov 2014: Photographed by Julian Alexander

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