Shirts to Jeans: How Men’s Fashion Has Evolved in 100 Years

Have you ever thought how men’s fashion has evolved in 100 years?  Today’s men’s fashion has come a long way and has been forever evolving since. If we take a look at men’s fashion from the last 100 years, we can see how men have been styling staples from mens fashion shirts to crop tops. Here’s a short and brief history on how much stylish menswear has evolved! 

how men's fashion has evolved

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Between 1920-1929, you have what is called the Jazz Age. This era of dressing optimized different shades of colors; it had simpler, slimmer and brighter clothing styles. Men usually wore fitted jackets with sloping shoulders. Bow ties were commonly accompanied with slim tapered pants.

From 1930-1939, this was the age of the economic crash. Conserving fabric’s integrity is what it was known for. This is when the superman silhouette became most popular. It was all about wearing mens fashion shirts and jackets with broad shoulders, and tapered pants paired with thin waist coats and suit jackets.

Between 1940-1949, this was the wartime era, also known as the wartime austerity. This is when anything flashy was out of fashion, such as striped men’s dress shirts. This era was about patriotism amongst society.

From 1950-1959, it was the time to welcome the king of rock and roll! This was the era of men’s fashion that was made famous by Elvis Presley. You’d find many dark flannel suits, portraying both conformity and idealism. This era belonged to slimmer ties and subtle shirts, like mens fashion shirts with short collars.

how men's fashion has evolved

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During 1960-1969, get ready to be on stage because this era is for The Beatles! Work outfits were rather relaxed. Many were confident enough to walk into offices in army coats, denim jackets, and cool shirts for men. Skinny ties and slim-fit designer shirts for men were a popular outfit choice.

From 1970-1979, hold onto your seats for this one! This is the era of fast fashion. This era belonged to bell-bottom pants, fashion sneakers. and three-piece disco suits. If you were searching for cool shirts for men, this decade had the absolute coolest prints and patterns!

Between 1980-1989, this was known as the quirky decade of stylish menswear. Activewear was the most popular men’s clothing style. This is also when men’s fashion brands became more prominent and worn as a trend statement. Left and right, men were wearing high-end designer shirts for men.

During 1990-1999, hip-hop and high rave anyone? This decade was when loose-fit harem pants and cool shirts for men with trendy trainers exploded in popularity, along with urban graphic hoodies.

Then 2000-2010 came and went. I’m remembering this decade like it happened yesterday. The trendy menswear fusion is undeniable. These years welcomed graphic t-shirts, leather pants and puffer jackets.

how men's fashion has evolvedOf course, 2010-2019, we should be all familiar with this decade! History has a tendency to repeat itself, right? This most recent decade is where casual meets classy. From cool shirts for men to high-top sneakers to streetwear hoodies, millennial’s have an open attitude towards men’s fashion. Even K-pop is leading the world’s streetwear with men’s fashion shirts and drop-crotch pants. This is all thanks to the growing platforms of social media.

In this era, we are not afraid to step out the norm; we want to catch everyone’s attention. Today, everything from skinny jeans to designer shirts for men and the brands we wear are important to us. We can wear any style of cool fashion shirts for men and not feel unusual because everyone has become more open-minded with fashion.

Today, men just want to wear men’s fashion shirts that make them comfortable in their own skin, such as men’s dress shirts from trendy menswear store Differio. We should be trying out different styles, fabrics and designs to see what suits us.

Current men’s fashion trends have shown us a lot within the past 100 years. Look how far and daring we have become. It’s exciting to see what the next 10 years will bring. With the use of social media and creative minds, there’s a lot of men’s fashion waiting to flourish. What will be next?

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