Finally, the Sexy Plus-Size Swimwear Collection We’ve All Been Waiting for by Hunter McGrady

Women with bodacious curves deserve to feel proud and stunning in what they wear. So why are bathing-suits over the size of 10 so conservative? The average American woman wears a size 16-18, yet time after time, women everywhere are left feeling frustrated and shameful while shopping, especially for swimwear. Super model Hunter McGrady takes action on the matter! It’s about damn time we gave curvy women bathing-suits that show off their beautiful bodies. Finally, the sexy plus-size swimwear collection we’ve all been waiting for by Hunter McGrady!

Like many women, Hunter McGrady found herself feeling awful and disappointed with her swimwear options, summer after summer. She confesses that she felt cheated by the fashion industry. Why were her friends able to easily find the perfect, sexy bathing-suits? Why should women above a certain size have to cover up their curves that many of us would kill to have? Well, instead of rolling over to the pressures of society to cover up with the options available, Hunter McGrady went ahead and created her own dazzling, sultry options.

Feeling inspired, Hunter McGrady teamed up with U.K. brand Playful Promises and designed a 10 piece collection of stylish bathing-suits. The collection features a variety of one-pieces and bikinis starting at a size 12 and going through to a size 20, and all at an affordable price of $75 and under. The whole collection is entirely unique from piece to piece including sexy cutouts, delicate lace trimmings, chic mesh patterns, and bold colors.

If bikinis are your style, you are going to adore the Red Wrap Bikini Top. The bold red color compliments your beach tan excellently—all the more reason to show off!If you’re more drawn to the one-piece look, you definitely need to check out the Black Mesh Insert Swimsuit. The pattern is so trendy and the cut keeps your curves looking amazing! Want some sensuous cutouts in your bathing-suit tops? Well Hunter included the perfect look with her White High Neck Lace Panel Bikini piece. Whatever your style is, the wait is over! Hunter McGrady has delivered!

All of these bathing-suits were fitted to models of all types of body shapes, sizes, and curves; of course, the goal here is to be inclusive for those who are typically underrepresented in the fashion world.

These elegant swimwear pieces are the perfect solution to anyone’s exasperation with not being able to show off their bodies due to an obsolete conception of beauty. Hunter McGrady set out to make the changes she wants to see in the world. After all, what is wrong with loving your body? This collection is just a step towards a more accepting, beautiful world of fashion and humanity.


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