5 Makeup Artist-Approved Products for a Glossy Lid

So, I have a little horror story when it comes to glossy lids. I was getting ready for a night out and decided to ignore all of the warnings about not attempting to make high shine eyes last for an entire day/evening. Unfortunately, there’s a high risk of creasing that comes along with the editorial look. But, the burgundy shadow that I coated my lids with just wasn’t enough, so I turned to gloss; my NYX Butter Gloss to be exact (which is definitely not formulated for eyes). It’s great for lips, but went on a bit thick onto my eyelids. I thought that this could potentially be an issue, but then just thought, psh no, I look bomb, and went on my clueless way. Every time I blinked I could feel like gloss glooping up and sticking in unwanted crevasses. When I got to the pregame a cute guy immediately caught my now incredibly creased eye and I instantly regretted experimenting with my makeup. I was then extremely thankful for the dim lighting and alcohol that I hoped would put a filter on his vision for the night. I was so distracted by my sticky lids that I was thrown off my game and could barely make eye contact while flirting, tragic. I still got his number though, ehee! Well, his Snapchat…but we’ll blame that on my messy lids. Moral of the story is, glossy lids are gorgeous, but not easy to maintain. So to give yourself a fighting chance, try out some of these guru-recommended gloss products that are actually meant to be put on your lids. Update: the next time I saw him, sans-glossy lids, I got the number, just saying.


1. Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss


Who doesn’t want diamond eyes? This product is highly rated and promises lids that are glass-like in appearance.


2. Pat McGrath Clear Vinyl Gloss

This product is straight from the Mother’s womb. Mother being legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, of course. You can also use this product to create the juiciest of lip looks that, when paired with a glossy lid, is a high shine dream.


3. MAC Studio Eye Gloss

Whether you want your eyelids to look like a dark oil slick or angelic and dewy, MAC’s eye gloss has you covered. This product comes in five different shades that will allow you to rock a glossy lid on any occasion.


4. MAKE Face Gloss

This product can be used on your eyes or all over your face for a glowy complexion that rivals the healthiest of skin.


5. NYX Lid Lacquer

NYX makes the most affordable eye gloss out of the bunch, which is perfect if you’re wanting to just dip your toe into this sometimes sticky trend.

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