Bretman Rock’s Collaboration with Colourpop

Bretman Rock released his first makeup collection with Colourpop on November 9th. The red and blue makeup palettes are inspired by the Filipino flag’s color. He wanted to share where he was from and represent his culture. The “Lit” palettes are all about warm toned and red colors, while the “Wet” palettes consist of blue shades, neutrals, and browns.

Both of these collections share a deep side of Bretman’s personal life, including his feminine and masculine side. In his Lit collection photo, he wears a tiara, a long wig, and a sparkling outfit. In his Wet collection photo, he is shirtless with a silver chain around his neck. In these photos, he wants to prove that anyone can rock a beautiful makeup look, no matter who they are.

Rock uses his favorite words to name the colors in his palettes, such as “Or Whatevah” “Like” and “Periodt” and it really shows off his personality.


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The Lit makeup palette is a matte and metallic finish that is very pigmented. It blends smoothly onto your eyes and gives a soft effect.

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The Wet makeup palette is the perfect palette to create smokey eye looks with a pop of lip color.

This limited collection includes eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, blush, and body glitters.


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