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Create Your Own Jewelry with Braganzia

We’ve all been there. After styling a perfect outfit­, you realize that none of your accessories work with your clothes. That necklace is too long, that bracelet doesn’t match the style of your earrings. It might not seem like a heavy issue to some, but to you, it means something. Your entire morning just dampened.
Instead of changing your entire outfit, adjusting your wardrobe to match your accessories, you could do something about it. Enter Braganzia fine jewelry. With Braganzia, you’re back in control. Inspired by the 17th century Parure designs of Portugal–three or more matching items like earrings, necklace, and bracelet–Braganzia allows consumers to mix and match pieces to form customizable jewelry.
With their earring collection, you can match bows, clusters, and studs to drops and pendants.
By adding a pendant clip, necklace pendants can be swapped to adjust to your outfit. With all their current pieces, Braganzia boasts up to 135 possible jewelry combinations.
And it’s not just the flexibility in design that will elevate your outfits. Braganzia designs use sterling silver and feature Swarovski crystals and semi precious gemstones, including rock crystal, obsidian, amethyst, and cultured grade-A pearls. You’re almost guaranteed to feel elegant.
Two of my favorites are the Nicole drop earrings–a pairing of Luna studs and Clara pendants–and the Paola drop earrings–a combination of Marie studs and Violette pendants–which features a removable precious amethyst pendant. Both are handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and encrusted Swarovski crystals.
Jewelry with exquisite detail and customizable design? Sounds like the accessory marriage we’ve been waiting for.

Create Your Own Jewelry with Braganzia: Images courtesy of Braganzia Jewelry

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