Fashion Do’s and Don’ts When Going To The Casino

1So you’re planning on heading out to play at the casino one of these nights? Well, as a small piece of advice, we would recommend trying to strike a balance between comfortable and chic. It’s never a good idea to either under or over dress because it will most definitely give out the wrong idea. At the casino, looks are king, and whoever isn’t looking his or her sharpest is at best frowned upon and at worst, ostracized.
Balance here is the key word; you’re as likely to stick out like a sore thumb if you come in looking like James Bond (unless it’s an actual black tie affair). Excessive jewelry looks tacky whether you’re a man or a woman, so try to keep it classy with something understated: if you’re a lady, wear maybe a bangle and low key necklace, and at most a couple of rings.
2If you’re a man and insist on wearing jewelry then try to keep it as understated as humanly possible. Keep on your wedding band (unless you’re looking for a little something, something extra, but that’s neither here nor there), and stash away everything else. The only (fictional) man who can pull off the rings on every finger look is Iron Man’s arch nemesis, The Mandarin, and he has the excuse that his jewelry gives him superpowers.
For clothing itself, try to wear something that you feel comfortable in. If you’re a woman, a cocktail dress never fails and is comfy and easy to wear, and the color is up to you because it really depends on what can best highlight your attributes (that depends on everything from your height, body shape, to your skin tone to your hair style), but if you’re not sure, the classic little black dress that Coco Chanel popularized way back in the day goes well for anyone, as it slims and stylizes your figure. Or you can always go for a nice pair of pants, if dresses aren’t really your thing.
3For the guys, just wear whatever’s most comfortable for you, as a lot of casinos don’t have an enforced dress code. However, you don’t want to show up looking like a slob who just fell out of his trailer in a wife-beater and shorts either. A pair of khakis or even blue jeans will do the trick, with a dress shirt of whatever color you like best (white dress shirts go well with anything, with the caveat that if you’re a messy eater you’ll go around with stains all evening, so plan accordingly) with one or two open buttons on top so you don’t look like your mother dressed you for your first day of school. A tie is optional, but we would considered wearing one to be overdressing unless the venue you’re going to specifies that you need one, or if you really like wearing ties.
Stay confident, as there’s nothing that looks better than a positive and self-assured person owning the place. On that note, if you’re unfamiliar with how some casino games work or if you’re interested in learning, try checking online for sites where you can get a hang of the inner workings of games like poker, roulette and slot machines, so you can have a better shot at winning and enjoying your evening even more. You may even want to brush up on the language so that you can look and act the part at the tables, and not get lost in the lingo.
Last but not least, you’re going to need shoes, and regardless of your gender, they need to be comfortable. A lot of 4women’s shoes designs tend to for style over function, and as anyone who has worn stiletto heels can attest to. They look undeniably sexy, but you’ll hate yourself the next day when you can’t stand on your feet after having to walk around with them for an entire evening. Just choose whatever you think would look best on you: from flats to pumps and anything in between, so long as you’re comfy in them. Same advice goes for the guys: wear whatever you find most comfortable as long as it’s not too informal; it’s hard to take a grown man seriously if he comes in with a pair of Air Jordans or Chuck Taylors, unless they also happen to be Steve Jobs reincarnated. Just take this piece of advice to heart: would my boss yell at me if I came into the office wearing these shoes? If the answer is yes, then turn around and change into something less garish.
Happy gaming, and remember to look your best!

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