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Fashion Beads for Making Jewelry

Fashion Beads for Making Jewelry

Today we want to discuss fashion beads for making jewelry. Beads have a variety of use today. Designers try to incorporate beads into their aesthetic creations. You can see this embellishment on bags, jackets, tops, brooches, pendants, purse belts, hats, and even shoes. Almost every clothing and accessory are laced with beads to give them a special look.

Not only designers are fascinated about the use of beads. An everyday man and woman are also drawn to make beautiful creations like jewelry as it appeals to their imagination and ingenuity, by themselves. Beads come in different types, sizes, and materials. Some of these materials are wood, shell, plastic, ceramics, metal, and bone.

Shape, surface finish, and type of material determine how beads are categorized. Below are some of the beads used for jewelry making. They are categorized according to the material they are made of.

Some Fashion Beads For Jewelry Making according To Materials

  1. Seed Beads

These beads are made of glass. It is small and has a round shape. Apart from its usefulness in jewelry making, it can be used for bead weaving and needlework.

  1. Lampwork Beads

These beads are gotten by melting glass with a torch. Here different colours of glasses are melted to form the craft on the surface of these beads. This melting process is laborious.

  1. Ceramic Beads

These beads are made of clay.

  1. Semi-Precious beads/ precious gemstones

Diamonds and rubies are examples of precious stones. There are rare and costly gems. On the other hand, semi-precious stones do not pass for being rare and expensive as precious stones. These beads can be made of organic materials like Amber and Pearls.

  1. Cultured Pearl

This type of bead is harvested from farmed mussels. As the name suggests, cultured pearl can be bread in either fresh or saltwater.

  1. Costume Pearl

Costume pearls can either be called faux pearls, plastic pearls, or imitation. They can be made of base materials like glass, plastic, or fish-scale, and afterward coated with a material that gives it the look of a pure pearl.

Some Fashion Beads For Jewelry Making According to Shape

  1. Cylinder Beads

This has the shape of a tube with a large hole.

  1. Pinch Beads

This bead has three sides and it is oval-shaped with a single hole.

  1. Pellet Beads

This has the shape of a cylinder and a single hole. It looks somehow like an hourglass due to the indent in its middle.

Some Fashion Beads For Jewelry Making According to Finishes

  1. Transparent Beads: These can either be clear or colored, and allow passage of light through them.
  2. Opaque Beads: They do not allow the passage of light through them.
  3. Lustre Finish: This has a shiny surface and can sometimes be transparent.
  4. Matte Finish: This is not shiny. It has a smooth velvet surface.

A lot of beads have been used for jewelry making. But it doesn’t stop at that, there is always room for creativity when it comes to the choice of beads to be chosen for Jewelry making. Interestingly, you can get the best fashion beads idea on

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