Colton Haynes Teases His Shocking Return To ‘Arrow’ In Season 7

Colton Haynes Teases Return To Arrow In Season 7

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Colton Haynes was present for the festivities and the interview portions. During Haynes’ conversation with, he dropped some tasty hints about his surprising return to Arrow in Season 7.


On the CW series, Haynes plays Roy Harper, one of Oliver Queen’s former proteges and expert archers. The last time we saw Roy, he went off on a mission to destroy the remaining Lazarus Pits. Thea (Willa Holland) and Nyssa Al Ghul (Katrina Law) were with him but it appears as if he’s going to return by himself.

Since Holland has officially exited the show and Law only guest-stars on the series, Haynes’ character is the only one who’ll make it back to Star City. The explanation for why Roy returns by himself is up for debate but Haynes’ comments at SDCC’ 2018 hint at a dark turn for his character.

According to Haynes, Roy Harper’s return is going to shock everyone. He goes on to call the storyline crazy and emphasizes that Roy isn’t the same persona anymore. Haynes doesn’t divulge much else but the mere implication of Roy undergoing a change likely means he’s gone dark. Check out Haynes’ comments below:

“You guys have no idea what’s happening with Roy Harper. It’s a crazy storyline, I can say. It’s nothing like he’s been before. It’s going to shock, I’m shocked right now. It’s going to shock a lot of people. Roy’s not the same person. I can’t say much, but we’re returning back to our roots on the show. Not the characters, but the show — We’re going back to how we were a couple of seasons ago. But it’s going to just be so good. Beth Schwartz, our new show runner, is just — She’s a dream. She’s changing everything and she’s making everything the way I think the show was at the beginning.”

While Roy has come a long way from being a petty thief, he hasn’t had too much of a dark arc on Arrow. Roy is actually one of the most honorable characters on the series so it’s difficult to see him making such a drastic turn. However, a potential loss could push Roy in that direction and the only person truly close to Roy is Thea.

As mentioned above, the last time we saw Thea she ventured out on a mission with Roy and Nyssa. There’s no telling what happened but with Holland officially out, her character could face an off-screen death. That explanation would efficiently tie up loose ends and give Roy Harper a reason for becoming an antagonist. Keep in mind that Roy could turn out completely different from these predictions.

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