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Bobcat Goldthwait Defends James Gunn After Surprise Firing By Disney

Bobcat Goldthwait Defends James Gunn After Surprise Firing By Disney

With James Gunn becoming the latest celebrity to have his Twitter feed examined under a microscope, some of his more controversial tweets have come to light. As a result, Disney took immediate action, firing Gunn from the production of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3. The film was slated for a 2020 release but that might be in danger altogether. The good news is that Gunn has a solid shot at coming back.


After the sudden move by Disney, many of Gunn’s friends and coworkers came to his defense. They all gave solid reasons for why Gunn wasn’t treated fairly, though the most notable words came from Bobcat Goldthwait. In his response, Goldthwait asks for his voice to be removed from one of their upcoming attractions. His reason for the request is because he too is guilty of posting comments that could be construed as offensive or repugnant. Goldthwait goes on to provide evidence for why Disney should cut ties with him, as well as with James Woods.

The attraction which Goldthwait requested his voice be removed from included his character from Hercules. In that animated movie, Goldthwait provided the voice for Pain, one of Hades’ henchmen. And Hades, he was voiced by the uncompromising James Woods. Goldthwait and Woods are both guilty of posting comments just as controversial as James Gunn’s—if not more, and Goldthwait wants Disney to see that.

If Disney is willing to fire Gunn over things he said on social media, why not sweep the board? ABC and Disney have only just started cleaning house when it comes to employees with “values inconsistent with their own” but they can’t stop now. Disney is known for their consistency so everyone who’s ever said anything lewd falls under this blanket principle. Of course, not every actor under Disney’s employ will be subject to these terms. Bobcat Goldthwait just wanted to make that knowledge known so everything is out in the open.

It’s still to be seen how Disney responds to Goldthwait’s request but the company will definitely need to tread cautiously here. Either Disney makes the right decision and gives Gunn another shot, or they double down on their zero-tolerance policy. If Disney chooses the latter, they will most certainly come under fire for any terminations that follow which doesn’t bode well. Luckily, they’re in the opportune position to draw a much clearer line in the sand. The question is, what will the media company decide to do at this point?

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