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2018 Clubgoers Guide To Style Trends

2018 clubgoers guide

If you’re planning to hit the town more this year, this 2018 clubgoers guide will provide a lot of tips on how to do so in style. Translating ready-to-wear day looks into more daring nighttime ensembles can be tricky, and sometimes it’s best to leave the more casual trends (the unending fascination with sports luxe) for the daylight hours.

Below are a range of hot-to-trot club-ready translations of 2018’s most wearable trends – don’t be afraid to get a little adventurous.

Well Heeled

stilettos photoWhether you love shaking it on the  dance floor or simply watching the night take its course, footwear is one of the simplest and most effective ways to put some sparkle into your outfit.

Stiletto heels are a perennially stylish option which work double duty on a night out; they help to shape and accentuate the silhouette of your legs, while also adding height to your body. Stiletto heels with metallic detail, ties or sequins are all having their moment, and are easy to style.

Dance Sequins

Sequins are hot on and off the dance floor.  From elaborately adorned dresses and camisoles to clutches and heels, these shiny little little discs will add instant glamour and sparkle to any item they’re featured on.

Sequined cocktail dresses and skirts are an excellent way to instantly up-the-ante of your girls’ night outfit. Choose a cut which is modern enough to wear with other more neutral pieces and you’ll be rewarded with a wardrobe staple which can go from club-to-pub it the blink of an eye.

Forget Neon

pastel blouse photo

Photo by xxnephaeliaxx

Pastels are 2018’s hat-tip to hued fashion. The softer, gentle palette allows for easier meshing of styles, and gives you license to get creative with accessories and cosmetics.

If pastels aren’t the top-to-toe hues for you, try incorporating small pops of muted lilac and baby pink into earrings or bangles. Pantone color of the year for 2018 is ‘Ultraviolet’ – it’s an easy shade to tone down with pastels and it pairs wonderfully with paler hues of purple.


You’d be hard pressed to find a venue without at least a small number of women clad in gingham dresses or tops. While gingham is an easy to wear print in the daytime, it can be harder to translate into a club-ready look.

Wider checked styles in black and white are much more easily integrated into a nighttime look. Opt for smaller details or separates for maximum versatility and impact – skirts, shoes, or crop tops. Too many checks and you’ll risk looking more Daisy Duke than Daisy Lowe.

Fantastic Plastic

Vinyl and plastic are back and more wearable than ever. A clubbing mainstay (particularly if you’ve ever been to an alternative or goth-style club), vinyl is less forbidding, and far more playful in 2018.

Bustiers, leggings and sheath dresses are some of the ways that these materials have been presented on the catwalk, and for nights out, these styles translate well. Pair with metallic accents and bold pops of color for some serious fashion bonus points.

Sheer Joy

Sheer fabrics such as tulle, netting, and voile are fashion’s easiest-to-apply to clubwear current trend. Transparent garments are made for the club, and can be worn layered over fitted, more traditional apparel.

Try a dress with a higher-than-normal hemline in a see-through fabric. Coupled with a fitted tank and hot pants or shorts underneath, you’ll be dancing up sheer murder on the dance floor.

So far, 2018’s most desired fashions are not only easy-to-wear, they translate wonderfully into evening wear which is playful, easy to move in, and keeps you wanting to wear it time and time again – which means you’ll be investing in pieces which can be worn through the seasons.

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