Bookmarking Made Beautiful with myWebRoom

1We’ve all been there – sitting at the computer with tons of tabs open, searching frantically for that one site that we’d stumbled on weeks back.  The internet is a busy place – why not clean it up a bit?  Luckily there’s myWebRoom, a visual bookmarking platform where users can save and discover content that’s important to them.  Unlike the flat, two-dimensional profiles that we’re used to seeing on other sites, myWebRoom is unique in that it lets you create an interactive profile using products that you love.  The end result?  Your own space online that’s even more personalized than your room in real life.
Just as you add new stuff to your home, you can also add your favorite sites and products to your room online.  If you love the products that you’re designing with, you can easily find where to purchase them through the myWebRoom Shop. That’s right, these aren’t virtual goods that you’re designing your room with; they’re real, shoppable products. While you’re choosing which handbag you want to put in your room, you’re also finding inspiration for your next shopping spree!
2The pieces of furniture, decor, and tech gadgets in your room double as bookmark folders for your favorite websites.  The team at myWebRoom has made organizing your room as intuitive as possible: put Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu inside of your TV; add your favorite photo sharing sites inside of the camera; toss blogs and magazines into your bookshelf – you get the idea.  The end result is a perfectly streamlined mobile desktop where you can access your favorite content, social media, and websites from anywhere in the world.
You’ll never run short of content because the myWebRoom Team is dedicated to curating new websites for you to discover, crafting new collections full of freshly trending products, and developing beautiful new room themes for you to design with.  Everything is hand-picked and tailored to your specific interests.  From Game of Thrones, to fashion boutiques, to websites for artists and designers, there’s really something for everyone on myWebRoom.
3Don’t worry, you won’t live your life in a bubble. The community of users – called roommates – are eager to request keys to your room, keep up with you on your newsfeed, and share their room designs to the live Style Gallery feed.
myWebRoom will be working with bloggers, teachers, and brands to create their own unique rooms with bookmarks that are viewable by the public. This will allow them make their favorite online recommendations available to their communities and develop their presence online in a groundbreaking new way.
myWebRoom has created a whole new way to experience the internet in a personal, comfortable, and interactive place that you can really call your own. Your room, after all, is simply a collection of everything that you love – arranged just the way you want it.  Welcome home.

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