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When the 5-piece Utah-based band Sea Swallowed Us Whole relinquished their hardcore rock sound to cover Taylor Swift’s hit single “Blank Space” (which is currently available on iTunes), we knew we were witnessing something special. Here, the band chats with us about their ever-changing sound, their growing bond, and new goals for this year.
Cliché: Both in your sound and in your bond, how has your band changed since 2008?
Sea Swallowed Us Whole: Immensely. Since we started in 2008, we’ve always been experimental, so all of the changes we’ve gone through over the years have been very welcomed. We love the fact that our music is always changing and growing.
There are some new members in your band since you started. How did you meet?
We met our drummer Tyler through mutual friends in 2013. Everyone told us he was a great drummer and was into the sound we were going for, so we jammed with him maybe a week later and he fit perfectly. We met Chris as we were beginning to record our EP and our sound was beginning to change. He came in for a session one day and we all got along so well from the first moment. He blew us away when he started tracking his vocal parts shortly after and that’s when we knew. River has just recently came in this year and he is an amazing songwriter. As we’ve been working on new music with a different direction, he’s brought in such a great influence into the mix. Once we started hanging out, we knew he was the guitarist we were looking for.
You’re heading into the studio and planning a new album sometime this year. What should fans expect from your new album?
Our new music definitely has familiar elements to our EP, but now that we’ve been working and writing together, we feel ready to successfully bring in new genres. There will be a lot of darker, R&B-esque, groovy parts while still keeping our straight-forward energy.
Your video of the cover “Blank Space” has gotten over 450,000 views in a short period of time. Will we be hearing any more covers from you guys in the near future?
We’d love to do another cover soon! We’ve been thinking about it lately, we just want to find the perfect song that we all dig and feel like we can do it justice.
When can we expect to hear new original music?
Within the next few months! We haven’t been touring a lot because we’ve been focusing on writing new material and making it the best we possibly can!
Are you guys planning a tour for 2015?
Nothing confirmed yet! With new music though, we’d love to get back on the road.
As your band develops more this year, what are some goals that you as a band have set?
We would love to play more festivals! It’s something we haven’t done much, other than the Salt Lake Date of Warped Tour last year. But we loved it! We’d also love to tour with more bands that we’re not familiar with. That way, we’re getting to play to different audiences and be exposed to new music.
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Sea Swallowed Us Whole Interview: Photographed by Laura Dearden, Laura Lee Images

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