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Pop-Singer CAROLINE Drops New Single

Pop-singer CAROLINE drops new single, “We Should Break Up”, to give her fans, CAROLINE’s BFFs, an uplifting jam as they stay home and stay safe. Her single is dedicated to the moment when you know something just isn’t right, and it’s time for a change. This relaxed pop song gets you dancing and crying at the same time. Stream her single now for real lyrics and dance worthy tunes. 

Based in Los Angeles, she appreciates all styles of music and brings authenticity to her lyrics with her southern roots of North Carolina, and living through the teenage experience. Her connection not only to music, but to her fans is constant and deep. She shares her advice with her BFFs on her diary blog. 

Even during quarantine, the artist made her own music video alongside her single release. 

The young artist has gained millions of streams, and her song “Already There” is a viral TikTok sound for thousands of viewers. Through her music, CAROLINE delivers personal and passionate lyrics alongside her upbeat melodies. To pair with her music she has created a daily music video series on YouTube. She strives to bring positivity to her fans and to help them through mental health struggles, hoping her music makes their day a little brighter.

The singer also promotes a life style brand, The Caroline Collection, encouraging girls to express themselves. Her slogan is “Making You Feel Glittery” and her site features her clothing and inspired fans. Don’t miss out on this entrepreneurial singer as she makes her debut across the nation. Get to know CAROLINE as she goes live weekly on Instagram and remains in touch with her fans to wait out the crisis together. 

Follow CAROLINE: IG: @caroline_music, Tumblr : carolinesmusic

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