It’s You, Not Me Episode 5

Tomeka Sullivan plays Sparkle in It’s You, Not Me
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Cliché: Tell us about your character in a couple sentences.
Tomeka Sullivan: Sparkle is positive, bold, and confident with lots of sass. She loves to have a good time and speaks her mind. She recognizes her beauty and understands that she is a HOT commodity.

Have you ever played this role in your own personal dating life?
Every character I play is an extension of me as an actress. So although I have not been Sparkle on a date, I am quite sure I have exhibited certain attributes of her in my own personal dating life.

What do you like/dislike about your character?
I love that Sparkle has an optimistic outlook on life and full of confidence. She is tons of fun and is simply a good time. She is who she is and is unapologetic for it.

Tell us your most memorable experience while shooting this series.
What I remember most from shooting this episode is being able to work with friends, fellow classmates, and my teacher. There was a familiarity on set, and in the midst of such professionalism, we were also able to share laughs and special moments.

How did you come to be a part of this project?
Renee Kay, the creator of It’s You, Not Me, was also in acting class with me. I developed a character in improv named “Twinkle” that both Renee and Lauren Patrice Nadler loved and believed would contribute greatly to the series. From that, Sparkle was born.

What was is like working with your long time teacher wearing the director hat?
Amazing! Lauren is not only a teacher but an actress herself. She understands the actor. It was important to her that we had a rehearsal before we got on set. This allowed us to explore and discover, so by shoot date, we were ready to go!

How collaborative or how much freedom did you have to “play” or improvise on set?
Lots of freedom, which was fun. Renee, as writer and creator, and Lauren, the director, had both previously seen what I can do in the capacity of this character, so they both were very open to and encouraging of my ideas and creative expression.

What was the funnest part of shooting this episode?
Other than working with my classmates, the funnest part for me was getting dressed up as Sparkle–with her makeup, gum, big hoop earrings, colorful wardrobe, and that infamous Tutu.

Personal notes or comments about this episode.
I’ll let Sparkle answer this, “…I always come out on top!”

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