It’s You, Not Me Episode 5

Christina Orloff HeadshotChristina Orloff plays Holly in It’s You, Not Me
Photo ©Dana Patrick
Tell us about your character in a couple sentences
I had a very small role, so there’s not much to my character. I’d say she’s a hipster–someone who’s up on all the newest trends, hottest fashion, and best parties in town.
Have you ever played this role in your own personal dating life?
Tell us your most memorable experience while shooting this series.
I enjoyed working with the cast and crew. It was a very fun group. We laughed a lot.
How did you come to be a part of this project?
I am Lauren Patrice Nadler’s student and I’m also a longtime friend of Renee Kay’s. In fact, Renee introduced me to Lauren. So although I was new to Lauren’s acting studio at the time, it seemed natural that I should be a part of this project.
What was is like working with your long time teacher wearing the director hat?
Working with Lauren was amazing. I hadn’t been her student for very long at this point but it solidified the fact that I had found the very best acting teacher.
How collaborative or how much freedom did you have to “play” or improvise on set?
For my part, since there were only a couple lines in the script written for my character, she allowed us to improvise. It’s fun because you never know what happy surprise might come out of a little improvisation.
What was the funnest part of shooting this episode?
I enjoyed being on set with friends.
Personal notes or comments about this episode.
There were a lot of very funny characters in this episode, so it was hard not to laugh while the camera was rolling. When Lauren said “Cut!” we would burst out laughing. It’s a good problem to have when making a comedy!

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