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Shopping can be a little stressful when you’re looking for something you’re unable to find inside a mall. With the same old brands, sometimes all we want is a little variation here and there. Now imagine an online shop you can easily access — one that helps you track both local designers and retailers around the globe and enables you to purchase everything in one cart.
Impossible? Well, allow Popmap to make you believe.
Popmap all came about when founder and CEO Idris Sersoub struggled to find the perfect pearl earrings for his then-girlfriend, now his wife, and thought about the time-consuming hassle of window shopping. But with such dilemma this one-stop shopping website was eventually born together with other entrepeneurs .
By magnifying independent brands in different parts of the world, Popmap allows you to shop like a local wherever you may be. But no worries, Popmap carefully chooses exquisite, original, and trusted boutiques to be included in their online store. With its accessibility, this retail platform lets you buy stuff anywhere all at once into a single shopping bag or cart. That means buying a scarf in France or a handbag somewhere in London is just within your reach. But if shopping in person is what you prefer, Popmap also leads you to the location of the following local brands you chose along with its store hours and other contact information to help you connect quickly. Sounds easy peasy, doesn’t it?
As Popmap continually promises a hassle-free marketplace, it simple goes to show how our shopping experience has changed over the years.
Visit or download the iPhone or Android app today to witness the ease of shopping globally like a local.
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– by Alve Aranton

Popmap: One-stop Shopping Website: Photographs courtesy of Popmap

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