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Why You Need to Watch ‘Jessica Jones’

Jessica Jones is badass, and I’m only four episodes into Netflix’s new series, Marvel’s Jessica JonesSo far, I’m hooked, especially after the end of the fourth episode.
It works so far because of how dark the story is and how human the characters are and its feminist message and empowering characters, and I love it.
Jessica Jones has extraordinary powers, but she’s human. She’s flawed. She’s not a perfect friend or lover or stranger, and that’s important. She’s dealt with terrible things and suffers from PTSD, but she wants to do what’s right. She’s strong and well-intentioned, but struggling. She’s real.
Her relationship with Trish, her best friend, is also fascinating. They have this repertoire where Jessica can be a total ass, but Trish is going to stay by her side, because that’s what friends do. They help each other through the tough situations. Trish also makes me want to learn how to fight, just so I can defend myself.
I can’t wait to watch the relationship between Luke and Jessica evolve, either. Right now, Jessica can’t let herself fully commit because of a very massive secret that has to do with a mutual person (I won’t ruin that for you), but let’s just say it’s a really big secret.
There are also a number of comic Easter eggs for those who are familiar with the mythology and characters. What’s nice about these shows is that you don’t need to be a fan of the comics to follow along with what’s happening. They stand on their own.
Now, I was initially skeptical about introducing the big bad, Kilgrave (aka The Purple Man), so early into the season. What Daredevil thrived on was making Fisk a mystery for so long and then bringing him into formation slowly.
On the other hand, Kilgrave is instantly a presence on Jessica Jones. He is a nearly impossible force to be reckoned with. But that’s what makes him terrifying. He is a psychotic man with the ability to control people’s minds. This means nobody is safe. Kilgrave could have anyone under control.
That means Jessica can’t trust anyone, and that’s difficult because she needs people on her side. She needs to be truthful. She needs to be honest. She needs a team. And Kilgrave makes that a tedious task.
He’s also misogynistic, taking advantage of women and controlling them. This is a testament to modern misogyny. Humans may not have the ability to control minds telepathically, but mental and physical abuse does that job on the daily basis to hundred of women (and men). Anyone who abuses someone is as disgusting as this very real villain.  
And though we haven’t seen much of him in the first four episodes, David Tennant portrays this character brilliantly. I can’t wait to see him more and see what evil he cooks up.  
The show isn’t afraid of sexuality and that’s important to portray as normal through different relationships and how people own their own bodies. It’s a powerful statement.  
The verdict? Netflix is killing the Marvel game. Between Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the planned Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders shows, Netflix is going to have a dedicated customer in me.
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