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‘Power Rangers’ Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood

Brace yourselves, ladies and gents…more so, brace yourselves ‘90s kids. The Power Rangers movie finally released and trust me when I say I had no shame singing the theme song along with the other ten or so adults in the audience who brought their kid, nephew, niece, etc. with them. Before we dive into this review, if it wasn’t obvious already, please know this will most definitely have spoilers!

The movie opens up with the basic premise of the movie: Zordon and Rita Repulsa are going against one another with the sole purpose of obtaining the Zeo Crystal. Obviously, one is protecting it for good, Zordon, played by Bryan Cranston, and one wants to destroy life on Earth, Rita Repulsa, played by Elizabeth Banks. Cue to present day where we’re introduced to Jason Scott (Dacre Montgomery) who ends up in  Saturday detention AKA the modern day
Breakfast Club. From there he meets Billy Cranston (RJ Cyler) and Kimberly Hart (Naomi Scott).
We’re not done yet.
Jason and Billy become unlikely friends who travel to a restricted area where it just so happens all the other soon-to-be Power Rangers seemed to be (Zack Taylor played by Ludi Lin and Trini Kwan played by Becky G). How convenient! After Billy discovers the power coins for the five to redeem, police chase them down which leads to a quick car chase and eventually a horrific crash that should have killed them. But didn’t. Instead, they woke up perfectly fine in their respective homes with superhuman abilities. Sounding like Spiderman, much?
On the other side of things, Rita has managed to be brought back to Earth and slowly works her way to regaining power in order to possess the Zeo Crystal. I can dive into the entire movie but if you’re a fan of the original series, you already know how the ending happens. The Rangers fight Goldar and Rita’s putties, Goldar dies only to be morphed into a huge Goldar, cue the Megazord, end credits.
BUT WAIT! The credits are interrupted by a single shot of a green jacket with a teacher announcing the name, “Tommy Oliver.” Cue my fangirl screaming because I was a huge fan of Jason David Frank!
Power Rangers was a mix comedy, corniness, action, and nostalgia. I won’t give it a hard time for being really cheesy since this is truly geared towards kids plus the original Power Rangers movie was just as corny once you watch it 20 years later. Each character in this reboot brought a different side of the legendary characters we all grew up with. For example, 2017 Billy is on the Autistic Spectrum; 1993 Trini was free-spirited and 2017 Trini is a bad ass LGBTQ-identified ranger; and 1993 Kimberly Hart was the bubbly cheerleader whereas 2017 Kimberly could care less about school spirit. Plus, an obvious difference was the huge diversity of the cast! It was a beautiful thing to see.
The hands down clear favorite characters for me were Billy and Alpha. Once you watch it, you’ll see why. Their comedic timing and just the fact…These two have always been my favorite. So innocent. So helpful!
With the a pretty obvious hint that there will eventually be a sequel, I honestly cannot wait for it. Tommy’s character arc was one of the best things to see, in my opinion!

What did you think of the movie? Let us know below!
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‘Power Rangers’ Will Bring You Back To Your Childhood. Photo Credit: Power Rangers Official Website

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