It’s You, Not Me Episode 1

In the first episode of It’s You, Not Me, we meet Luke and Karen as they try to enjoy themselves at, possibly, the most painful and horrible bachelor/bachelorette party ever. Both bride and groom are little to be desired, but somehow they found the love that both Luke and Karen want. Could a bad night out be the first steps towards finding the “one”? Could true love really be a click away? Karen and Luke seem ready to find out. Take a moment to go behind the scenes with the production team, and read on for interviews with the cast members of the first episode who gave some honest insight to their characters and the episode itself. And don’t miss the It’s You, Not Me Episode 1 premiere this Friday, March 28 on!

Read on for cast interviews!

Director: Lauren Patrice Nadler
Cinematographer: Steven Jared Mangurten
Editor: Jason Koczanowicz

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