It’s You, Not Me Episode 1

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Joanna Bartling
Joanna Bartling plays Cindy in It’s You, Not Me
Cliché: Tell us about your character in a couple sentences.
Joanna Bartling: She’s along for the ride and is afraid of commitment. She’s one of those girls that follows the money and not her heart.
Have you ever played this role in your own personal dating life?
No, I can’t say that I have.
What do you like/dislike about your character?
She’s courageous and would do things I would never think of doing, but I don’t think that will get her what she wants in the end, which is happiness and ultimately love.
Tell us your most memorable experience while shooting this series.
My role was shot in one afternoon, so being able to work with past classmates and friends did it for me. There was never a dull moment!
How did you come to be a part of this project?
Lauren Patrice Nadler called me and, after discussing the character, I was in.
What was is like working with your long time teacher wearing the director hat?
Wonderful. It felt natural to be on set with her and was exciting to experience the progression from class to set.
How collaborative or how much freedom did you have to “play” or improvise on set?
We discussed the scene and knew where it needed to go. I had full freedom to play within those bounds; when you have trust, this process is a beautiful thing.
What was the funnest part of shooting this episode?
Keeping a straight face while the boys were spit firing jokes.

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