Ed Letter: Dec 2013/Jan 2014

“George Bailey, I’ll love you ‘til the day I die.” That is what little Mary Hatch secretly whispered into George Bailey’s (bad) ear in Frank Capra’s renowned film It’s A Wonderful Life, but I may as well have said it myself. Ever since my mother insisted I watch the 1946 classic when I was a teenager, I loved everything about it and George—from his smile and charisma all the way to his life- altering breakdown and his “old, drafty house”—and I knew deep in my heart that George Bailey would be a man I couldn’t forget.
Christmas for me means exactly this: It’s A Wonderful Life marathons with my mother, dozens of cookies baking, and tons of giftwrapping. This year is no different. I knew I had to bring some of that love and cheer to Cliché, so our entire staff has been prepping for the holidays like never before. All month long we have been giving away lots of gifts—from bowties from Terracotta NY to Starboxes from Starlooks—and have been updating our blog with lots of holiday-inspired gift guides. We love to share our favorite products with our readers, and after one very long year of sampling many great things, we thought giving some of these amazing products away for our readers would be the best way to honor and remember 2013!
Since a big part of enjoying the holidays is celebrating and spending time with the people we love, we know just how important it is to look and feel our best. With that said, our entire Beauty Department has been gathering the best hair and makeup tips so you can look your best from Christmas to New Year’s (p. 40 & 51). Our Music Department also knows the value of a great playlist, so we’ve compiled both one for Christmas (p. 25) and New Year’s Eve (p. 124), and our Fashion Department proves that bundling up for the cold weather could be super chic (p. 30)!
Also, how could we forget spotlighting some of the best actors and actresses of the year? Our Entertainment Department chatted with Chad Coleman from The Walking Dead about zombie theories and survival (p. 56) and with Drew Sidora about becoming “T-Boz” for VH1’s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story (p. 82), to name a few. And we mustn’t forget our gorgeous cover star, Noureen DeWulf, who is best known for her role as Lacey on Anger Management. We also interviewed a bunch of great artists, both new and old (starting on p. 136).
In 2014, we will be welcoming new interns to the team, and starting a new program where paid Cliché subscribers could receive great coupons from our partners and extra entries in our giveaways! As you can see, there’s a lot in store for the new year, and we can’t wait to see you there.
From all of us at Cliché, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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