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Our cover girl, Noureen DeWulf, has often played the role of the funny, hot chick throughout her career. It comes as no surprise that she is, in fact, one funny, hot chick. DeWulf’s quiet confidence truly translates onto the big screen, as she makes us laugh hysterically (and sometimes blush abashedly) portraying over-the-top and gorgeous Lacey in FX’s Anger Management. Fans of the show not-so-patiently await season two which premieres in January 2014, anxious to see what ridiculous situations the affection-crazed character gets herself into. DeWulf talks to us about the fun of playing Lacey, the weirdness of being half-naked on set, the reasons for different career choices and, of course, the plans for the holiday season!
03quavondoCliché: Have you always wanted to act, or is it a career that you just fell into?
Noureen DeWulf: I’ve always wanted to be an actress. As a kid, I would always entertain my sisters. I’m the middle child, so I think I was predisposed to being an actress.
Having done a majority of comedies, is it safe to say that you prefer comedic roles over more serious ones?
Yes, I do prefer comedy. I pretty much just do comedy. I’ve guest-starred on a couple of highly dramatic series, like CSI: New York and Numbers, but I think I prefer comedy. It’s easier for me than drama. I don’t know why.
…and probably more fun!
Like you just mentioned, you’ve been a recurring character on various shows. Do TV roles require more work than say, movie roles and/or shorts? Do you prefer one over the others?
Right now, with Anger Management, I just finished my 60th episode. It’s forcing me to find more ways to be funny and more ways to be very creative. So I do love to play a character on a TV show, especially Lacey. This character has been really great, but I also love to play characters in movies. Movies last for a long, long time. You can play something for two months, put it away, and then never have to play that again. With a TV character [like Lacey], you live with her day in and day out. That’s fun too! They’re so different, but I love both mediums. Right now, I’m enjoying this process.
I heard that you had a pretty strict upbringing. How does that affect some of the more risqué roles that you play?
I don’t know if it does affect me. I mean, I haven’t done any nudity. I’ve been careful about that. I’m not sure that I’m necessarily opposed to it, but a lot of times comedy doesn’t lend itself to doing that, so I’ve lucked out. I try to make peace with the fact that I’m an actress and I’m telling a story. I’m trying to stay true to my craft and the character that I’m portraying. I try not to let too many of my personal beliefs affect the character or the role that I’m playing.
On Anger Management, you seem so comfortable on screen! When it comes to some of those “sexier” scenes in scripts, do you ever feel shy or embarrassed?
Oh, for sure! I mean those scenes are always awkward, especially in a sitcom. When you’re shooting, the lights are so bright and there are so many people around!  You’re prancing around in your bra and underwear and sometimes all the crew guys are staring at you. As a human being, it’s just an awkward position to be in, and then there’s always the stress of trying not to eat lunch that day! It’s hard. There’s a lot of pressure, but I try to be Lacey. [She] would be comfortable in that scenario, so that’s who I try to be. I put away all of my own personal awkwardness and just try to embrace how Lacey would be in that situation. That’s how I kind-of proceed.

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