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Sweeping Towards Greatness: Heather Doerksen

Jedit - IMG_0239From practicing alchemy to working in the realm of fringe science, Heather Doerksen has shown herself to be a powerful actress. She has graced the small screen in Fringe, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica, but has no plans on stopping there. Posed at 5’10”, this actress was born to stand taller than the rest without looking down on others. While she may end up playing strong, tough females now and again, she remains down to Earth and kind. It is clear that she is destined for greatness.

Cliché: When you were in college, you switched from being a science major to acting. What made you switch fields?
Heather Doerksen: I dabbled in acting since I was young. I did community theater and school plays. I did ballet and musical theater, but I never thought I could do acting as a career. And then during one of my first classes at university, the professor asked us to close our eyes and picture what your heart’s saying and for me it was acting. It was sort of a life changing moment for me. It was the reason that I changed my major.

Do you like doing more action or comedy roles?
I like both. You can’t just eat sweets all your life. You kind of have to have some saltiness and chips now and then along with the desserts. Action and comedy satisfies both my needs. Just like I need theater as while as film. I try to do a stage play at least once a year along with the film and tv roles I typically do.

What was one the most challenging roles that you’ve done?
One of the most challenging roles that I did was on an independent film called Ambrosia. I played the CEO of a fashion firm and I had eyes for this female employ that I hired. I was trying to seduce her and trying to kill her marriage a little bit. Another role I had a bit of difficulty with was in the film Alchemy and Other Imperfections. I think it was one of the most fun and complex characters I have ever played. I played a wife overcome with grief and striking with tragedy that has happened in her past between her and her husband. She tried to find a way to remedy that by making her magic potions which maybe could help to forget the memories that haunt their marriage.

You were in the film Pacific Rim that came out in July. The film seems to be a tribute to childhood shows like Voltron. Was that one of the reasons that you agreed to do the project?
I was first drawn to the project when I heard that Del Toro was attached to the film. I always loved his work and I wanted to one day work with him. So that was the first thing, and then I read the script. I saw that the scope of the film was going to be so large. The script excited me and applied to my inner child. I think that is one of the reasons why people are going to enjoy this film. It does feel like being taken back to the days of your childhood.

Are you coming out with anything else this year?
Yes, I believe later this summer the film Hidden will come out. It is about a family in a fallout shelter during a zombie apocalypse. I have also done a number of voices for the Marvel Knights Animation’s newest set of mini-series. I will be doing a total of six different characters, one of which is Betty Ross’ girlfriend to the Hulk

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