Music Also Saves Lives

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Jay Sean recently quit medical school for a record deal. Some may lament that he no longer can save lives. However, it is often overlooked that music can save lives as well. Music, to some, can be very boring. Some styles just don’t click. But for those very same people, the right type of music can also be their lifeblood.

Take me for instance. I used to be a very tense individual, but then I discovered the music of Loreena McKennitt and Blackmore’s Night. I listen to them almost constantly now and they are a calming influence in my life.

In the same vein, music can improve the lives of the depressed, manicky, or give those who would not otherwise feel it, a drive to improve their lives. Sometimes, just hearing someone understand what you are going through is all you need. 

The thing about music is it can be turned on whenever you need it and reach whomever listens to it. Doctors, on the other hand, can only reach a limited amount of people. Music, on a daily basis, reaches more lives than doctors can hope to do, and therefore is a very powerful thing.

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