Why Have Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses Become a Trend In Recent Years?

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Mermaid bridesmaid dresses are a favourite among ladies who want to flaunt their figures to the fullest extent as the designs are created to emphasise feminine curves and pull in at the waist. They have a slim fit through the hips and open out on the lower leg creating a curvy and sexy appearance. The mermaid silhouette has been a favourite for bridesmaid dresses, and they come with a number of different necklines, shades and designs so that you can find the design that is right for you. If, however, you’re still unsure, here are five reasons to consider putting your bridesmaid dresses in mermaid dresses. Let’s take a closer look:

Mermaid Dresses Are Flattering For Many Body Types

Though you might not think it at the start of your bridesmaid dress hunt, a mermaid dress silhouette flatters all body types. When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, it is vitally important to have the ideal fit for your closest friends and family so that they feel comfortable on the day, and like a million dollars in their dresses. If you have curves, accentuate them by selecting body-skimming styles since a tighter fit will display every curve. If your figure is more slender, mermaid dresses allow you to create the hourglass illusion by experimenting with the cut of the dress and your overall proportions.

Mermaid dresses provide structure and support for larger ladies but support the bust, slimming and pulling in the waist, and sitting tightly across the hips.  There are a number of different mermaid designs where you can choose the types of straps and details that you want to match each individual bridesmaid’s body shape making it the perfect choice for a mix and match bridesmaid theme.

Mermaid Dresses Come In A Variety of Different Designs

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Although mermaid dresses are a specific silhouette, there are a number of different design choices that make each mermaid dress its own. Every style can wear a mermaid dress. The staff at Chicsew design a number of different mermaid dresses so that you can find the one that best suits your bridesmaid dresses. ChicSew bridesmaid dresses include super sexy bridesmaid gowns with open backs and thigh splits, romantic gowns with delicate floral lace, feminine gowns with a sweetheart neckline and fuller skirt detail, and more boho gowns with a floatier design. For example, if you are looking for long mermaid black satin bridesmaid dresses you may choose the Chicsew Astrid design. The high leg split and magnificent one-shoulder design of this exquisite satin dress will make your bridesmaids appear as though they belong on the red carpet, and feel glamourous and sexy. The dress is perfect for weddings in any season because it is completely lined and features ruching around the waist and hips. It also looks excellent on a variety of figure types.

On the other hand, you may choose a floatier design such as the Chicsew Evan dress – which we particular love in the rust color. This dress’ design is airy and flattering, making it ideal for a variety of bridesmaid body types. The dress boasts striking, off-the-shoulder sleeves that cover the upper arms and breasts, supported by delicate, subtle spaghetti straps. When your bridesmaids wear the mermaid silhouette, which clings to all the right places and emphasises their natural curves, they’ll feel like a million bucks. The dress is lightweight, airy, and comfortable to move around in any season, making it one of our favourite mermaid rust satin bridesmaid dresses. We think this is perfect for a more relaxed, barn-style rustic wedding.

Mermaid Dresses Have Some Special Details That Further Accentuate Your Bridesmaid’s Shape

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Mermaid bridesmaid dresses have a number of special details on them that accentuate your bridesmaid shape even further. The quality of mermaid bridesmaid dresses from Chicsew means that the dress is beautifully fitted to your bridesmaid’s size and supports their shape, allowing them to feel comfortable all day long. On top of this, some of the mermaid bridesmaid dress designs from Chicsew’s website have additional detail or embellishments that further draw the attention to your bridesmaid’s stunning figures.

Take the Chicsew Luisa dress in the shade burgundy for example. Due to the beautiful floral light pink and white embroidery around the breast and down over the hips, this dress stands out from all the other bridesmaid gowns on the market. This goes nicely with the rest of the dress’ deep red shade and is ideal for a spring wedding when flowers are just starting to blossom. The lighter pink and white toned flowers brighten up the dark burgundy shade, allowing the dresses to be worn during any season. Your bridesmaids’ curves will be highlighted by the figure-hugging design, and the strapless neckline is a classic style that has been popular for many years. Your bridesmaids will stand out even more because of the dramatic drama added by the soaring mermaid skirt- a great choice for a plus size mermaid burgundy satin bridesmaid dress as well as the dark red is flattering on larger figures.

Mermaid Dresses Offer A Show-Stopping Design

Whatever bridesmaid dresses that you decide on, one thing is for sure: when your bridesmaids first walk down the aisle, they will grab the attention of everyone in the room. You can be sure that the mermaid dresses will make an impact if you choose a siren silhouette. This is because the silhouette of a mermaid bridesmaid dress is a strong look that combines both femininity with an Old Hollywood twist. Take the Chicsew Alvina Dress for example in the beautiful rich lilac shade. This lilac color dress boasts a classic sweetheart neckline, which has long been a favourite among bridesmaids and is only anticipated to become more popular. The wider strip of cloth at the waist brings the dress in while the bust and hip ruching emphasise your bridesmaid’s contours. The bridesmaid will feel secure and supported on your special day thanks to the back zipper, which is floor-length and elegantly lined for an attractive look that looks like your bridesmaid has stepped straight off a Hollywood movie set.

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