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It’s Time To Ditch Skinny Jeans – Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

It’s Time To Ditch Skinny Jeans – Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

It’s Time To Ditch Skinny Jeans – Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend! The years of close-fitting clothes are being shown the backdoor. Oversized clothing characterized the hip-hop culture in the early 2000s, with extra-large shirts, baggy jeans, and in-your-face jewelry being the norm. Today, the fashion world is welcoming oversized dressing back, but this time, it’s not just specified to hip-hop lovers.

As the majority of us have spent the past year indoors, the need for comfortable clothing has become more apparent. Brilliant designers saw a chance to leap onto this fashion opportunity, and are now swapping out skinny jeans with baggier alternatives. Here’s how to make the oversized fashion trend work for you.

Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

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What Is Oversized Clothing?

Just in case you’ve been left behind on current fashion trends, let’s take a look at what oversized clothing actually is. To put it as simply as possible, an oversized outfit is larger than regular fit clothing. Instead of skimming and cinching the body, it falls loosely and doesn’t provide much of a silhouette.

As mentioned earlier, we have the current global pandemic to thank partly for this new fashion trend. Although the social and physical distancing practices forced many to opt for comfortable oversized clothes, the fact that many celebrities took it to another level was all the inspiration most people needed. Being the latest fashion trend, both sexes feel more confident heading outside in slightly “less flattering” pieces.


Oversized Fashion Options

Oversized Fashion Is The New Trend

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The first article of clothing that comes to mind when most people think of oversized attires are large t-shirts. However, oversized clothing options cover different clothing types. Here are some of the most popular.

  • Tops: Oversized tops are probably the most common you’ll find today. Most men prefer to pair extra-large t-shirts with their regular jeans or even shorts, while most women prefer huge shirts as a single-piece, belted outfit. It’s not uncommon to find celebrities like Ariana rocking oversized hoodies as their main outfits.
  • Oversized cardigans and jackets: Oversized cardigans and jackets are part of the new fashion trend taking over. Rocking your jackets and jeans the right way can be a bit tricky, especially if you’re not used to it. But most fashion experts advise pairing an oversized blazer with tighter clothes underneath.
  • Oversized pants: Oversized pants used to be baggy shorts in the early 2000s, mostly paired with equally extra-large t-shirts or sports jersey tops. Even if you still love your pair of skinny jeans, having some oversized pants should be a must, especially when we’re all still caught up in this pandemic.

How To Wear Oversized Clothes With Confidence

If you’re fashion-conscious, then styling should form an essential ingredient when you buy your clothes. Oversized clothes have a reputation for being the clothes you wear when you don’t want to put any effort into your looks. Here are a few practical tips to use when trying to rock an oversized outfit.

  • Stay your size: There is a thin line between getting your oversized outfit spot on and just looking like you’re having a bad day – and most people end up crossing this line. The first tip is to stay as close to your size as possible.
  • Create a focal point: It is easy to lose yourself in a combination of oversized clothing if you don’t create a focal point for your style. You can do this by going for pieces with subtle accents.
  • Pick materials with texture: Oversized clothing isn’t very flattering for the figure, which is why it’s wise to find alternative ways to express yourself. Through picking pieces with different materials and textures, you will be able to add a bit of personality without looking too bland.

Absolutely anyone can wear oversized clothes, you just have to know how to make it work. Next time you go to put your skinny jeans on, consider switching to a baggier alternative, instead!

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