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The dog days of summer are slowly dwindling down, but that doesn’t mean we’re letting up on our beach trips anytime soon. If anything, we’re going more and more often to soak up as much sun and catch as many waves as we can before the cold front comes in. And who’s going to blame ya? Not us, of course! We’re here to encourage you to pack your bags and stick your toes in the sand for as long as you can, with every chance you get. If it isn’t the sunny days filled with promises of a blissful, summer memory that will get you outside, then it’ll be one of the sweetest brands we’ve ever set eyes on, one that is made to tag along with you on cool summer nights and spontaneous summer adventures—Swell Caroline.

Whether it’s a must-have tote that can fit all of your beach needs, from a change of clothes to your summer reads, or classic and unique jewelry pieces that can be customized to your personal style, Swell Caroline is made for the modern-day woman who is all about making a statement, having fun, and emulating an effortless grace in everything she does. Get to know this delightful brand even more with our Q&A with Swell Caroline’s founder, creative director, and designer, Amy Rodbell. 
Cliché: What was your inspiration in creating of Swell Caroline?
Amy Rodbell: Both my grandmothers inspired Swell Caroline, and I wanted this company to exude their joy and southern charm. The name Swell Caroline was derived from my grandmother, Carolyn, and the Swell was added as a nod to the classic, stylish, socially prominent women of days gone by.
Swell Caroline has taken on her own persona. Around our office, we refer to her as our girl about town and design all of our styles for her. We often show “Swell Caroline” lunching around town and at Junior League meetings on our social media accounts.
How would you describe the Swell Caroline woman?
We design and hand select jewelry for women who like to get noticed. All of our pieces are bold, bright, and classic. Our newest collection piece is a 12-strand beaded statement necklace that you can spot a mile away. Our ‘Swell Carolines’ are hard working women and mothers, volunteers at their children’s schools and in their communities, and are definitely ladies who lunch!
I love how colorful and unique each Swell Caroline piece is. How do you go about adding pieces to your brand?
We usually start with a basic style and add elements until we feel like we have achieved a unique look. For our confetti necklaces, we started with a one-strand beaded necklace, but as we worked on it, it turned into an 18-strand necklace with beads shaped like M&Ms. We tried it in nine different colors, as well as pearl and ombré combinations, and even added an enormous brooch to the side of one of them. It is so fun to experiment!  
There is a strong Southern factor within your brand. How has the South influenced it?
Southern women love to dress up and be noticed. When we are exhibiting at trade markets, it is always the Southern women who stop and try on our pieces. My grandmother, Carolyn, loved big jewelry, and I still wear some of the pieces she passed on to me. I can remember as a little girl her walking around with an enormous glass of sweet tea with her pile of bracelets jingling on her arm! When I find myself dressed that way, it always makes me smile and think of her.  
What do you wish for Swell Caroline in the future?
In the next few years, we plan to focus on our wholesale business and creating fun, unique styles that only we can offer. Seeing our pieces showcased in so many retail stores across the country and even internationally is just lovely. The fact that our styles are accessible to so many women is very rewarding.
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Snag your own sweet goods from Swell Caroline by visiting to keep your summer lasting all year long.
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Photographs courtesy of Victoria Olmo

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