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How To Look Glamorous in Green on St. Patrick’s Day

“For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o’ March!” — Thomas Augustine Daly

March 17 isn’t just a day where the Irish honor St. Patrick, the foremost patron of Ireland, it’s also a day where other cultures show appreciation for the Irish holiday by wearing green. Green symbolizes money, shamrocks, and leprechauns in the Irish folklore. Whether you’re wearing green to honor St. Patrick, or to simply show appreciation for the Irish culture, here are fashion pieces to look glamorous while you’re out celebrating!

Connemara Marble Shamrock Bead Bracelet, $49.95. Courtesy of TheIrishStore.

Where’s me lucky charms? Accessorize with charm bracelets – get into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with shamrocks or cute treasure charms. Don’t limit yourself to shamrocks, Celtic charms make a great statement too.

Luxurious Wool & Cashmere Irish Cape, $259.95. Courtesy of TheIrishStore.

Luxury of the Irish
This may be costly, but if you want to wear traditional Irish clothing, style yourself in a luxurious wool and cashmere Irish cape. You can also add a shawl!

Elegant Green Belted Sleeveless Wide Leg Casual V Neck Jumpsuit, $28.00. Courtesy of FadCover.

All Green Everything
If green happens to be your favorite color, why not wear all green everything on St. Patty’s Day? Here are a couple ways to wear all green without doing too much. Jumpsuits are a great way to pull off all-green.

Women’s High Waisted Wool Check Print Plaid A-line Skirt, $22.79. Courtesy of BeautifulHalo.

Get in the Irish spirit with wearing skirts that resemble kilts. Wearing plaid A-line skirts can pull off this look. There are many colors, but we’d go with green for St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patricks Day Dress, $44.99. Courtesy of Etsy

Shamrock On. 
Make a bold St. Patrick’s Day statement with this bright green dress with its asymmetrical shamrock patterns.

Green Detachable Bow Embellishment High Heeled Pumps, $36.99. Courtesy of Choies

Lucky Night Out
If you plan on going to nightlife events, these dark green heels will have you looking classy and sexy.
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