New York Fashion Week: The Mini and Maxi Skirt

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Today we will be talking about this years New York Fashion Week and the mini and maxi skirt takeover. As we wrap up this year’s NYFW, let’s take a look at the trends that we will see every day, all the way from the runway.  Above all, the micro mini and maxi skirt were two silhouettes that seemed to make a lasting impression on society.  During each fashion week, creatives continue to surprise us on how they reinvent the simple skirt. 

That is to say, let’s look at the historical impression these skirts  have made on society.  The term ‘micromini’ first originated in the 60s.  For instance, stars such as Sharon Tate and Twiggy were rocking a mini skirt with knee-high boots. To clarify, mini skirts are always above the knee and put all that leg on display.  With that being said, the teeny tiny skirt came into play again last year and is now dominating the runway.  Moreover, I don’t think this trend will disappear anytime soon.  Similarily, micromini seems to be an

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ongoing trend over the decades. Further, we observe at how different designers put their twist on the everlasting pieces with names such as Laquan Smith, Christian Cowan, Dauphinette, and Miu Miu.  Pictured is designer Natasha Berezhnaya’s work this year’s, NYFW.

From mini skirts to sweeping maxis, we cannot forget about the swift maxi skirt that took the runway by force. In addition, the audacious designers such as Peter Do, Altuzarra, and Ulia Johnson incorporated the flowy statement piece into their line.  The dramatic skirt’s popularity arose in the 70s. As of today, the maxi skirt is taking the runway by storm with sequins, volumized swings, and exaggerated shapes.

Today, we can’t help but think, are the 60s and 70s emerging for us this year?  In conclusion, both statement pieces seemed to make a lasting impression on the media. As we cannot wait to see these pieces incorporated into our fall and winter wardrobe. To sum it up, we ask, how will you style these silhouettes?

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