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Music Tour Fashion from Absolute Merch

It’s officially June and the long-awaited music festival is here! Bands from all over are getting together to prepare for the traveling festival of a lifetime, The Warped Tour. With an epic lineup and dozens of bands, this tour is sure to satisfy all rock music lovers. But what will they wear?

Classic band tees are the typical go-to, but to fit in with this band scene, standing out is the way to go. That’s why many bands and artists are teaming up with music tour fashion brand, Absolute Merch, to create custom and unique pieces to not only meet the needs of fans, but to give them an experience.

Absolute Merch’s co-founders Billy Candler and Noah Russell set out to change band merch as we know it. They wanted to create a community with their fashion while making complex and unique pieces of merchandise to fit the bands and artists they work alongside with.
All of their pieces are different, fun, and definitely worth checking out, especially if you want to be ready for the upcoming music tour. We know we will be ready! Here are some of our favorite designs from Absolute Merch’s new Limited collection.

ETF – Hate Me Red Dyed Tee, $21.95,

The Hate Me Tee is a custom dyed red tee with a unique spin on one of Escape the Faith’s popular songs. The red and black tie-dyed shirt is only available online for pre-order, giving the brand’s buyers an opportunity to get a limited edition shirt that not everyone else will be wearing. Having a subtle front and edgy back side, this tee is perfect for everyday wear or a night out with friends.


This Fit For A King cut off tank is so beautifully unique, you won’t be able to resist getting one for yourself. With a dip-dyed tip and low-cut arm sleeves, the Deathgrip Speckled tank top will ensure you stay cool and stylish while exploring various bands. Pair it with a strappy bralette and ripped jeans or some trendy cut-offs to really add to the overall effect of the awesome graphic.


Taking an epic movie twist, this Strong Minds Star Wars tee will be sure to elevate your style to a galaxy far far away. At only $9.95, the lightspeed tee will grab attention whether it’s for one of your favorite bands or for a rockin’ movie. Pair with jeans and combat boots and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

If you love the band scene and want to join a community of music lovers who are excited about new, unique, and limited edition band merchandise, Absolute Merch is the brand for you. So get ready for the music festival of the year and get some tee’s that won’t just hang out in your closet, because these shirts will definitely be getting their share of sun.
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